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2021 Topps Museum Collection Release Preview

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2021 Topps Museum Collection Baseball is a great product for those who like to open packs all while having the guarantee of an autograph or memorabilia card every time and pack.

This summer has been jampacked with constant content and releases that have collectors of sports memorabilia and cards very excited all summer long.

This week is no exception, as Topps is releasing one of their signature collections in the form of this year’s edition of the Topps Museum Collection that will be coming out today, July 14th.

2021 Topps Museum Collection Baseball is a great product for those who like to open packs all while having the guarantee of an autograph or memorabilia card every time and pack.

Not a lot has changed for this high-end line, and if you are a follower of the brand, you won’t be disappointed.

This brand, one that comes out as a hobby-exclusive configuration, has a quartet of mini boxes in each hobby box. Within every mini box, there is one of four different categories that you can hit on: autographs, autograph relics, quad relics, and memorabilia cards.

With one of each appearing per hobby box, there are guarantees with an added level of variety and confirmation of what you are in store for when opening these packs.

This collection will include five cards per pack and four packs per hobby box.

2021 Topps Museum Collection Checklist Details

For any fan of this collection and these hobby box exclusive releases, Topps returns to its signature ways by achieving a nice blend of current-day stars and the best of the past.

However, this base set is a bit of a smaller one, only containing 100 total cards.

Parallels for the base set can be found at the rate of one per mini-box, and come in several types ranging from Copper, Sapphire (# out of 150), Amethyst (# out of 99), Ruby (# out of 50), and Emerald (# out of 1).

The majority of the fun in this collection will come from the featured autographs, memorabilia, and relics. They continue to steal the show in this wonderfully composed release.

Autograph Inserts and Types

As previously stated earlier, on-card autographs are the big draw of the Museum Collection. In fact, all non-relic autographs have hard signatures on them which is awesome.

Archival Autographs (# out of 299 or less) come with a vast number of signers, almost nearing the size of the base set with 83 different signatures.

Parallels for this type are limited to Copper (# out of 50), Gold (# out of 25), and Emerald (# out of 1).

Differing from the Archival Autographs slightly in presentation, the Superstar Showpieces Autographs come with action shots of the listed player present on each card. For the Archival’s, the players are stationary and posing.

With only 25 copies being made of each of the 28 players’ features in this autograph set, these are some of the hardest cards to find in the box.

Museum Framed Autographs are a staple of the brand as they are presented in the form of a framed piece of work at a Museum. They will return once again with versions that include Silver Frame (# out of 15), Gold Frame (# out of 10), Black Frame (# out of 5), and Wood Frame (# out of 1).

A few other featured autographs will also feature the framed theme for the border of the card and those are one-of-one Autograph Patches and the Dual Autograph Patch Book cards.

Both of these styled cards are beyond hard to find and I will sure to be searching for them in my rip.
Atelier Autographs (# out of 25 or less) are a new addition to a rather similar collection from last year.

Another set of book cards, these are differentiated by opening up to highlight not just the player and their signature but their home ballpark as well.

Autographed Jumbo Lumber Bat Relics start with a piece of a game-used bat barrel, then that same barrel became the signing surface for all of these athletes as well.

These are another tough draw, with just five copies each plus a one-of-one Emerald parallel added in.

Single-Player Signature Swatches will be where most people find their autograph memorabilia from in this collection. They are also available with both dual- and triple-swatch versions and these are numbered to 399 or less.

Parallels come in Copper (# out of 50), Gold (# out of 25), and Emerald (# out of 1).

Memorabilia Inserts

The Meaningful Materials insert (# out of 50 or less) uses game-used uniforms and their swatches. This is one of the parts of the checklist that mixes players from the past and present.

Parallels present for this insert include Copper (# out of 35), Gold (# out of 25), Ruby (# out of 10), and Emerald (# out of 1).

Dual Meaningful Materials is the same general idea, only this time with two players present on the card.

The Quad memorabilia cards are included under the Primary Pieces banner of memorabilia.
These have either four swatches from the same superstar player or individual gear from an MLB foursome of players. Base versions are only printed out at 99 copies. Additional levels of Copper (# out of 75), Gold (# out of 25), and Emerald (# out of 1) levels can also be located in this box.

Momentous Material Relics, as well as their jumbo counterpart, can also be found in this hobby box.

The Jumbo’s are back for another year with super-sized swatches, and the Base versions have five printed copies to go with one-of-one paralleled Emerald cards.

There’s also Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Autographs (# out of 15 or less) and Dual Jumbo Patch Autograph Books (# out of 5). These two both add a little combination of the memorabilia and autograph aspect of this release.

The last few, Museum Memorabilia Laundry Tags, Jumbo Lumber Bat Nameplates, and Museum Memorabilia all have many in common outside of their presentation.

Their presentation is relatively self explanatory, but what makes all of them similar is their one-of-a-kind aspect. Each card in these sets is one of a kind, but with a good-sized checklist for each, there is still decent odds of you getting your hands on one of these exclusives.

While there are so many different inserts, autograph types, and memorabilia present in this collection, there is one thing that connects them all.


If you are a fan of the museum experience, or just a fan of clean, sleek, good-looking, artistic cards, this is the release for you.

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