Boxing Betting

How to Bet on Boxing

Look Around for Your Sportsbook

When you find a boxing event that you wish to wager look around for the odds that you feel comfortable with, Don’t just grab the first one you find. If you are a new client for that book, look for promotional offers that they make available to newbies. Compare sportsbook and look at their time frame to make payments to you for winning wagers. If you enjoy betting “live” round-by-round” then find a bookmaker that allows for you to participate.

Types of Bets

  1. Bout Betting– This is an outright winner bet. Look at it carefully as it may have an option to bet draws and they don’t happen often in Boxing.
  2. Round Betting– In this option, you simply bet the round that the winner will be decided on.
  3. How Will it be Decided– This is the method of victory that you are betting. You are wagering whether it is by a knockout, technical knockout, disqualification, or some other method.
  4. Over/Under Rounds Betting– You will need to predict when the fight ends and whether it goes over or under a predetermined round.
  5. Going the Distance Betting– This is the simplest. It is a yes or no that the fight will last the entire length (usually 12 rounds).

One recommendation on betting boxing in don’t start betting it unless you have an interest. If you are going to it, watching it on TV with friends and family, then those are reasons to show some interest. Just a random blind bet isn’t suggested.

Another thing is don’t get caught up in the pre-fight banter between the fighters or the media that wants to sensationalize many things related to the fight. Look for credible sources that you feel you can trust.

Remember to bet with good money management!

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