Tipico Promo Code & Review (July 2024)

Tipico began in 2004 as a sports betting business in the gaming industry, having been settled in the small Southern Mediterranean island of Malta. Its two legal organizations, Tipico Co. Ltd. and Tipico Casino Ltd., were founded in Malta, as well. Therefore, they fell under the legal regulations of the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Since then, Tipico has gained international prominence. Although it mainly operates in European countries such as Germany, Austria and Croatia, it has expanded its global reach over the last few years. Under CEO Joachim Baca, the company has also grown in reputation as a strong competitor in the industry. 

As in the case of many major international sports betting providers, the American market tends to range as the top target to approach. For Tipico, this will be the next large-scale breakthrough in its short timeline as they have intended and finally achieved entering the United States this year. Tipico sports betting platforms will now be available in New Jersey, and according to the company, Colorado is the next market on the list.  

What Sets Tipico Apart From Other Online Sportsbooks? 

Tipico is trying to find a niche on the market. There are many operators in the US that offer sports betting. Each operator must find a way to be different to keep their customers coming back. Tipico attempts to achieve this through an intuitive interface and a few consistent campaigns.

Superior Application 

One of the main factors users have characterized about Tipico’s sports betting platform is its outstanding application. On major mobile application providers, such as GooglePlay and Apple Store, ratings have ranged between 4.8 and 4.9. 

Although user numbers have not been predominantly significant, most reviews have placed Tipico’s app services as one the top in the market, simplifying the whole betting experience. Some users have even highlighted how well the provider has incorporated and composed a great degree of data, analysis and statistics. This gives it an all-around an edgy and appealing format that has left a great impression on bettors. 

Ample Sports Betting Offer

Given its European origins, Tipico is arriving at the U.S. market with an ample array of sports that is expected to meet even some of the most demanding tastes and preferences. Among some of the unique sports Tipico offers as part of their betting service are cycling, darts, table tennis, cricket, rugby, and Australian ruled-based football. Given that the sportsbook’s strategy was built to fit international user profiles, soccer, for instance, is one of the most popular sports favored by Tipico users. Their vast selection of prop bets and betting dynamics truly stands out, keeping many users returning to their service. 

Unique Live Streaming Options 

To complement the extensive selection of sports included as part of Tipico’s offer, the company has also focused on adjusting their live streaming sporting feature to cover even some of the most unique events around the globe. 

From women’s soccer in Jordan to table tennis in Russia and even special events in Georgia and Kazakhstan, the offer is ample by every means possible. To users, some of the sporting event options might be exotic, yet some believe the live coverage feature is essential. Based on a live streaming system that can keep odds updated throughout every minute of the event, this feature has truly differentiated Tipico’s service offer from others available. 

How Do I Start Playing At Tipico? 

Registering at Tipico can be done through a series of straightforward steps, as follows:

  1. Head on to Tipico’s site or open their mobile app and then click on register on the site’s main page. 
  2. Fill out all requested information. This will include details such as your date of birth, email address, physical address, and in some cases, your social security number or a few digits to confirm it. 
  3. Once you have provided the essential information, Tipico will request you create a user name and a password. 
  4. You will then be taken through the process of setting up a backup security question and other means to guarantee that you will be able to access your account in case you lose your username or password. At this stage, make sure you read and review all privacy-related matters and conditions that apply to using Tipico’s sportsbook services. 
  5. Set up your security questions and answers to protect your account and proceed to agree to the terms and conditions outlined by the page.  
  6. You will then be asked to verify your email address and account. Make sure that any required scanned documentation is also provided as part of Tipico’s security validations. 
  7. Before setting up your payment methods, make sure to review what Tipico has to offer. Like most sportsbooks, Tipico will take bank transfers, checks, PayPal, and other common means to fund your account. 
  8. Finally, make sure you check for any bonuses that may apply and take full advantage of the opportunity to start making the most of your first wagers. 

How Do I Know That I Can Trust Tipico? 

Before entering the U.S. market for sports betting, Tipico had an established reputation. Tipico has been operating in Europe for more than 17 years. It has been repeatedly ranked as the best German sportsbook. Tipico would not have been able to reach this level if it wasn’t legal. However, like all U.S. sports betting operators, it must be licensed in order to offer its services.

Who regulates Tipico?

Given its country of origin, Tipico is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority and under the scope of the Malta Gaming Authority. In Europe, countries such as Germany and England have granted Tipico the permits to operate within specific regulated guidelines. 

Most recently, Tipico has been granted a license to operate in its first state in the U.S. In this case, New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement has permitted Tipico to offer its full digital betting service to online state users. The sportsbook is also in the process of securing licenses in three other states – Colorado, Indiana and Iowa.

Why should I trust Tipico?

Tipico has been in the market for many years now. The company has built an excellent reputation by keeping steady, constant, and innovative betting services across the international market. 

This has characterized Tipico as one of the most trustworthy sportsbooks and one of the top ten in the world in terms of betting volume. In addition, the company has made sure that all aspects of its gaming repertoire are not only safe for all users yet are regulated by authorities who oversee those specific physical locations. 

Aside from just being under the scope of state and government regulatory entities, Tipico has also partnered with sports leagues such as the MLS and the Bundesliga in Germany to guarantee that their image stands for a full legalized service. 

How do I get paid if I win?

Once a payout has been approved, a prepaid Play+ Tipico card is the fastest and most efficient way to get the funds. Only those who sign up for these cards in advance are eligible. Usually, however, funds are delivered within six hours after approval.

Users will receive funds via ACH, eCheck, or bank wire in three to five business days. PayPal withdrawals take between 2 and 3 days. You can also withdraw cash at the casino cage (New Jersey Ocean Casino). This could take up to 4 hours. Although Tipico doesn’t charge any fees, fees may be charged depending on the withdrawal option provider.

Who Is The Company Behind Tipico? 

Company Facts

Tipico began as a pilot project in the 1990s in the southwestern German city of Karlsruhe when a group of students developed a simple betting solution that quickly flooded the German market. With all its gaming roots established in Malta, the company took off. 

By 2010, the betting provider was already establishing brand deals with the Bundesliga, the German Soccer League, and even specific figures such as Oliver Kahn. The latter is known to be one of the best goalkeepers in soccer history. 

Since its beginning and up until today, Tipico has remained a privately owned company. However, in 2016, Tipico group began to operate under the ownership of CVC Capital Partners. Founded in 1981, CVC is an international investment giant specializing in credit and private equity funds. 

Currently, the company holds approximately $125 billion in assets worldwide, with over $165 billion in funds committed as of June 2021. With multiple locations in Europe, Asia, and America, the company has built an exceptional reputation for managing large-scale financial investments. 


With multiple physical locations in Europe and America, Tipico operates under its unified brand in different international markets. The Tipico Group has remained consistent with its branding and has always attempted to market its company under the same creative guidelines. From a legal standpoint, Tipico operates a total of 26 companies under its wing, yet all represent a unified Tipico brand. 

Management profiles

Since its acquisition by CVC Capital Partners, Tipico’s global strategy has been to strengthen its current operation and expand, especially to more robust markets such as the US. That is why in 2016, the company appointed the former Bwin.party Entertainment COO Joachim Baca as their new CEO. 

After five years commanding Tipico’s operations, Jan Bolz stepped down from the lead role at Tipico, giving the company the chance to have brought in Baca right before its acquisition process by CVC was completed. 

Baca spent over five years as Edwin’s COO in Gibraltar and over seven years as the COO in the Vienna Branch. After concluding his studies at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Baca began his career as an assistant to CEO at the Austrian Food Production company, Ankerbrot AG. Two years into his initial role, Baca jumped to become a Business Development Manager at Redbull and fulfilled the position for two and half years before making the big jump as Edwin’s COO. 

Among some of the key members of the Tipico Group are Marlo Van Der Goes, the company’s current COO. Just as in the case of Baca, Var Der Goes was appointed as the company’s new COO in 2016. The Dutch business executive has over 20 years of experience leading top betting companies in the international market. 

Karin Klein, also appointed in 2016, is part of Tipico’s executive board and currently holds the position of Chief Regulatory Officer. Her experience has taken her throughout different companies in the gaming industry and has led to her role as the contact that verifies the company complies with all regulatory requirements in terms of finance and entry to new markets. 

Finally, Stefan Eck, appointed as Tipico’s Chief Financial Officer, has been part of the organization since 2017. His experience is vast, yet it’s his most recent position as CFO of a large automotive supplier in which he successfully led a team of over 12,000 employees across 20 countries.  

Tipico: Did You Know?

Tipico’s Lack of Approval in Germany Forced the Company to look for alternate locations

Some might have questioned why Tipico selected Malta to settle its operations as the country of origin. In this case, the company opted for the tiny Mediterranean island, given that they were able to approve the company’s betting license faster than they had pursued in Germany. With no intentions of moving their Maltese operations, the company has commented that local authorities have genuinely provided the organization advantages that no other market has. 

Exponential Growth 

Since its simple and humble beginnings of being drafted as a potential business project by three college students, the company has had exponential growth. From 2004 to 2009, Tipico grew from a small pilot project to be available at over 500 betting shops across Germany. Their first website was set up in 2005, and since then, the company’s growth has reflected on the immense expansion the small idea came to be years later. 

From Signing one of Soccer’s Top Historic Goalkeepers to taking over the German betting market 

Tipico signed one of the world’s best goalkeepers, Oliver Kahn, to promote the brand. After Kahn became the ambassador for the brand, the company grew to take over 50% of the bettering market in Germany by 2017. That was officially after the company opened its 1,000th shop in the country, making it one of the most prominent European sportsbooks. 


How old do you have to be to bet online at Tipico?

Although regulations might vary from state to state, the lower end to the betting age limit has been set at 18. However, in most states, such as New Jersey and Arkansas, the minimum betting age is 21. Therefore, it is recommended that users verify all regulations and conditions that apply before engaging in sportsbook services. 

Can I bet on esports at Tipico?

Yes. Tipico now offers a great selection of esports for bettors to choose from. Some of the most important esports selections are LoL, Starcraft, and CS:GO. To bet on any of these options, simply browse through the esports section of a Tipicos site or app and select the dynamic of your preference. 

Is there a mobile Tipico app?

Yes. Tipico offers a complete mobile app service which is known as one of the tops in the sportsbook market. According to official reviews, downloading and signing up for Tipico’s app services is simple yet quick and efficient. In addition, users have commented that the company’s app service is nothing short of top class on all signup requirements. 

Does Tipico offer online casino games?

Yes. Tipico has an ample selection of Casino games that range along the lines of Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette. It’s also worth pointing out that the company has offered many of its bettor’s game variations and intends to keep expanding on its casino game repertoire. 

Can I bet anonymously at Tipico?

No. To create an account, all conditions and regulations stipulated by Tipico must be complied with. If no security measures are taken to validate the user’s identity, bettors will not be permitted to open an account and engage with Tipico’s betting services. Therefore, it is highly recommended that all users verify the details of opening an account.

How do I get paid when I win at Tipico?

To withdraw money, one must browse through the cashout selections in Tipico’s app. This will allow selecting specifics such as the amount and means to receive one’s earnings. If any problems are encountered throughout the process, Tipico recommends users contact their customer service line and clear any potential doubts, questions, or issues clients may be experiencing. 

Does Tipico offer betting on all major sports?

Yes. Tipico offers major leagues and sports which range along with the following: football, baseball, basketball, soccer, MMA, hockey, tennis, cycling, golf, motorsports, boxing, darts, rugby, table tennis, cricket, and Australian rules football. It is recommended to check the full selection of sports each sportsbook has to offer its users. 

Does Tipico offer prop bets?

Yes. Tipico is known for offering some of the most specific and unique prop bets in the market. Given their comprehensive digital service, topped with top-notch live streaming features, the sportsbook has been able to offer users an ample range of prop best to select. In addition, tipico has also narrowed their sports selection, which led to a significant increase in the overall type and amount of available prop bets.

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