Tour de France Betting

There is only one live sporting event that gets more people to watch than the Tour de France and that is the FIFA World Cup. This, in itself, shows the strong interest in cycling. Where there is interest in watching, there is interest in betting.

Before jumping in with your money, let’s get a few facts out in the open and then we can guide you into the types of bets available for your winning bet. Be sure to remember that there are three weeks of racing and everyday the odds will change. There is about 2,200 miles of racing in this period and many things can happen to change the odds. 

Tour de France Betting Options

The Overall winner. This is the most obvious bet and is not really complicated except for one thing. If you don’t know the riders and their tendencies, how can you place a bet unless it is random or by name association. Study the riders before picking who you think will win the Tour de France. 

During the race, each rider accumulates points by how they finished in each stage of the race. There are over 20 stages before this event closes. The best advice here for this is it is many times the best sprinter who is favored in these odds. 

Top Three is another way to bet and if you are unsure who to choose to win then this might be the best bet for you. It is like betting horse racing. Odds are available by how they finish. 

One of the most popular bets every year is the Top Ten bet. This is very similar to the top three but you pick ten. It is a risk but with great opportunity for a huge payout. 

There is a bet called Climber’s Classification. It is a prediction to who will win the Climber’s Jersey. The winner of this is the rider that gets the most points on mountain top finishes and sectors known as King of the Mountain. Again, this takes research. 

A fun way to draw this out if you want to stay engaged during the entire race is by checking the odds each day for the Stage Winner. Every stage is different and every rider has a chance. It doesn’t matter if they are a climber or a sprinter. This type of betting is the most enjoyable. Pick two riders from the betting choice and select who will finish first. This is the Head-to-Head and not normally available stage by stage but is an overall bet.

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