Fubo Sportsbook Promo Code & Review (April 2024)

Sign Up Bonus:  $1,000 free bet + 1 month of fuboTV
First Deposit Bonus: $1,000 free bet
Bonus Code: None needed

Fubo Sportsbook is a new name in the world of online sports betting whose aim is to bridge the gap between live broadcasts and sports betting – something no other betting operator has managed to achieve so far. But while Fubo Sportsbook’s goal is to differentiate itself from its competition and set itself apart from your average sportsbook, it’s evident that Fubo Sportsbook took notice of what other sportsbooks have been doing well and incorporated the features into its site.

 So is Fubo Sportsbook the best online bookmaker in the industry? The answer to that isn’t that straightforward since many things go into creating the best online bookmaker, and no provider has yet to achieve the status of being the best choice for everyone. Nevertheless, Fubo Sportsbook is doing many things right and is in many aspects above the industry average.

In this sportsbook review, we will take a more detailed look into this new name on the block, what it offers, what are its pros and cons, and ultimately try to answer whether Fubo Sportsbook is the right choice for you.

Ratings (out of 100)

  • Overall: 92/100
  • Bonus Offer: 90/100
  • Promotions: 85/100
  • Software: 95/100
  • Sports & Markets: 90/100 
  • Sign Up Process: 95/100
  • Mobile Platform: 95/100

At a Glance

  • Bonus Offer: $1,000 free bet + 1 month of fuboTV
  • Promo Code: 
  • Sign Up Link: 
  • Physical Locations: Iowa and Arizona
  • Mobile Betting: Available
  • Operator: Fubo Gaming Inc.
  • Software: Kambi


Fubo Sportsbook, owned and operated by a prominent American streaming television fuboTV, is a new name in the sports betting industry, launched in November 2021, as fuboTV’s expansion into online sports wagering.

At its launch, Fubo Sportsbook received its dedicated mobile wagering app that integrated with fuboTV’s live streaming platform, helping it get off to a flying start as one of the most promising mobile betting apps in the industry. And despite being around for only a couple of months, Fubo Sportsbook achieved plenty of success, with the company announcing over one million subscribers on their third-quarter 2021 earning call.

Shortly after, Fubo unveiled that it has signed an agreement to acquire France’s largest TV streaming platform, Molotov, confirming fuboTV’s plans to expand into new markets and demonstrating its intentions to create one of the best online betting platforms in the industry.

Admittedly, Fubo Sportsbook’s history is relatively short. But in these few months, Fubo has achieved what many other operators haven’t managed in years, suggesting we could be witnessing the birth of one of the world’s largest online sports betting providers.


There are many reasons why you should give Fubo Sportsbook a chance, but the main three reasons include its excellent reputation, great mobile betting app, and superb in-play betting experience.

REPUTATION: Fubo Sportsbook is owned and operated by fuboTV and sponsored by NBA, MLB, New York Jets, and Iowa Cubs.

USER-FRIENDLY APP: Fubo Sportsbook’s mobile betting app is clean, sleek, and very user-friendly.

IN-PLAY BETTING: Not only does Fubo Sportsbook allow in-play betting, but it also features live streams of professional matches via fuboTV.


Every sportsbook has its flaws, and Fubo Sportsbook is no exception. However, those are relatively minor and can quickly be fixed by adding a couple of new features.

NO LOYALTY PROGRAM: Fubo Sportsbook currently does not have a loyalty program.

LACK OF BETTING STATS: On Fubo Sportsbook, you won’t be able to find any detailed betting stats and trends.

5 Reasons to Play at Fubo Sportsbook

If you’re wondering whether you should play at Fubo Sportsbook, the simplest answer is “why not.” But if you want a more detailed answer to why you should give Fubo Sportsbook a chance, here are five reasons why you should play at Fubo Sportsbook.

  1. Excellent welcome bonus
  2. Superb in-play betting with fuboTV live streaming
  3. Competitive odds
  4. Great market depth on all professional sports
  5. Nice selection of promotions

Fubo Sportsbook Physical Locations (USA)

As a betting site that launched in November 2021, Fubo Sportsbook has yet to have a fair chance to begin its expansion and is currently limited to only Iowa and Arizona. However, you shouldn’t worry too much if you live outside of those two states and wish to bet on Fubo Sportsbook.

As revealed by the company, Fubo Sportsbook plans to expand its reach as far and wide as possible. And while there are no clear plans of how far will Fubo Sportsbook reach by 2023, the company has unveiled, in a press release, that it has already secured market access in Indiana and New Jersey, where Fubo Sportsbook will launch shortly.


  • Casino Queen


  • Harrah’s Ak-Chin

Mobile Betting at Fubo Sportsbook

Despite still being in its infant phase, Fubo Sportsbook has done an excellent job with its mobile betting app. It’s clean, very responsive, and easy to navigate through, providing its users with a top-of-the-shelf mobile betting experience.

At first glance, it looks like any other mobile betting app, but there’s more to the Fubo Sportsbook application than meets the eye. While its basic functions provide you with everything you will need to enjoy a solid betting experience, you won’t unlock its full functionality until you pair it with fuboTV subscriptions.

With it, you unlock live streaming of all professional matches and all other features you would otherwise find on fuboTV, making the Fubo Sportsbook app perfect for all sports fans and those who like to bet on live matches.

Banking Options

One of the most important elements a sportsbook should have is a solid banking department. It should include a large variety of deposit and withdrawal options, making transferring money from and into your betting account as simple as possible.

Unfortunately, Fubo Sportsbook’s banking options are currently somewhat limited, offering only five different deposits and withdrawal methods. But since this is still a very young sportsbook, Fubo deserves some slack.

Deposit Methods

You can deposit money on Fubo Sportsbook via five different methods, which is hardly worth praising. Still, according to customer support, Fubo plans to add more options, including PayPal, Skrill, and more.

If you wish to deposit money into your Fubo Sportsbook betting account, you currently have the following options:

  •         Paysafe card
  •         Paysafe cash
  •         ACH
  •         Wire Transfer
  •         Play+

Note that there are deposit limits, but you can change them in your account settings – go to your account and navigate to “limits.” There you can adjust deposits, playtime, and wager limits according to your preference.

Withdrawal Methods

Fubo Sportsbook’s withdrawal options are the exact same as deposit options, meaning customers can only pick between the five. Those include:

  •         Paysafe card
  •         Paysafe cash
  •         ACH
  •         Wire Transfer
  •         Play+

Sports Offered

If you like to explore and bet on a large variety of sports, Fubo Sportsbook is the place to be. It covers all major international and U.S sports and leagues, including NFL, NBA, MLS, MLS, Premier League, LaLiga, Euroleague, and much more.

Even if you want to bet on some lesser-known leagues and tournaments, such as Colombian Categoría Primera B, you can rest assured Fubo Sportsbook will offer lines on it. It’s worth noting that while Fubo Sportsbook’s market selection is reasonably large, the market depth of some individual events is still fairly average.

That’s not necessarily bad, but don’t expect to have as many options as you might have on some bigger sportsbook. Nevertheless, the average market selection is closely related to Fubo Sportsbook’s young age, and we can expect it to expand its offer with time.

Bet Types

On Fubo Sportsbook, you will find all the usual bet types you would expect to see from your average online sportsbook. That means there will be no shortage of money line, point spread, totals, and futures bets.

And besides the generous selection of different betting types you will have at your disposal, Fubo Sportsbook also provides very competitive odds. Although we wouldn’t call them the best in the business, we can guarantee that you will be able to take advantage of excellent prices, which are often above the industry average and more generous than at the standard online sportsbook.

 This ensures you two things – an excellent variety of bets and great pricing. And quite frankly, those are the main two things you should be looking at when choosing a sportsbook.

It’s also worth noting that Fubo Sportsbook goes beyond the standard bet types and also offers alternative lines, part-time lines, and a large selection of proposition bets in team props, game props, player props, and more. And if you’re wondering whether Fubo Sportsbook offers in-play betting, the answer is a resounding YES.

InPlay Betting

Live betting is arguably one of the best features on Fubo Sportsbook, largely because you can also use fuboTV, providing you with a professional streaming service. With it, you will have access to live streaming of all major sporting events, as well as some minor leagues –at the palm of your hand.

But this is one of the examples of where the best things in life aren’t free. If you wish to have access to Fubo Sportsbook live streams, you will need to have a subscription to fuboTV and link the two accounts together.

At the time of writing, fubiTV charges $64.99 per month for its subscription, which isn’t a small price to pay to watch live streams of sports games. However, it also provides access to over 120 channels, 250 hours of Cloud DVR storage, and more, granted those features are far less exciting for a sports bettor.

If you aren’t sure whether to commit to fuboTV, you can still try a free trial, see how the in-play betting with all features look, and decide them. Even better – Fubo Sportsbook will grant you a free month of fuboTV after placing your first wager.

Loyalty Program

Unfortunately, Fubo Sportsbook does not have a loyalty program available currently. However, it is worth noting that while Fubo Sportsbook doesn’t have a loyalty program as of now, its marketing department is working hard to improve the selection of promotions and daily bonuses.

Customer Support

Solid customer support differentiates a good sportsbook from a great one. While Fubo Sportsbook has its shortcomings in some other departments – namely its banking options – the customer support on the site deserves a five-star rating.

Straight after visiting the site, you will see a small pop-up in the bottom right corner, where you can contact Fubo Sportsbook customer support via a live chat. Although many sportsbooks offer this feature, we have to give Fubo Sportsbook massive praise for the quick responsiveness of its agents.

In our testing, the agent was available to answer our question within seconds with an accurate and professional response. So if you encounter any issues on Fubo Sportsbook, you can rest assured that an agent will be there to help you.

You can also contact Fubo Customer support via email or by submitting a ticket to which the agents will respond within a day. And beyond that, Fubo Sportsbook has an excellent FAQ section, with all the information you will ever need.

 All in all, Fubo Sportsbook deserves a five-star rating for its customer support.

Other Features

Fubo Sportsbook’s most notable feature is its integration of fuboTV, used as the streaming service for live streams of games under the in-play section. Beyond that, Fubo Sportsbook stands out from its competition with a surprisingly large selection of proposition bets and a generous selection of promotions.

On Fubo Sportsbook, you will find daily bonuses and promotions, offering its customers plenty to look forward to every time they log in. Admittedly promotions and bonuses on Fubo Sportsbook were very poor at the start, but it’s evident that the team behind this sportsbook is working tirelessly to provide the best value to its customers – and that is always a great sign.

Owner Testimonial

If you’re looking for a solid, reputable, and legal U.S. sportsbook, you can’t go wrong with Fubo Sportsbook as one of the newer faces in the industry that came out of nowhere and quickly proved it’s here to stay. It has everything you would want in a sportsbook, including solid market depth and very competitive odds, which Fubo get from Amelco, as the only U.S. sportsbook to use one of Europe’s leading provider of sports betting platforms.

And while we talk about the betting experience, we can’t forget about Fubo Sportsbook’s in-play service, which combines the above-mentioned competitive odds and vast markets with a professional streaming service, courtesy of fuboTV. So whether you’re a professional, casual, or in-play bettor, Fubo Sportsbook has got you covered.


With so many sportsbooks in the United States market to choose from, Fubo Sportsbook stands out with their integration of fuboTV, providing users with excellent streaming service and one of the best in-play betting experiences in the industry.

Interestingly, Fubo Sportsbook is the only American sportsbook to get their lines and odds from Amelco, far more commonly used in Europe. This essentially makes Fubo Sportsbook the only U.S. Kambi-powered sportsbook with Amelco odds, ensuring excellent odds and a sleek interface.

There isn’t much not to like about Fubo Sportsbook, and it’s encouraging to see such a young sportsbook doing so many things right. However, there are still areas where Fubo Sportsbook is lacking.

That mainly includes the banking options, seeing how the users have only five different deposit and withdrawal methods available in PaySafe, wire transfer, ACH, and Play+. Although the limited selection won’t harm your overall experience using the site, it would be nice to see Fubo Sportsbook expand its options to include more payment methods.

The second area where Fubo Sportsbook is currently still lacking is the absence of the loyalty program. However, like its limited banking options, this issue is only temporary. While contacting Fubo Sportsbook agents, we confirmed that the site is expanding its withdrawal and deposit options and is planning to implement a loyalty program shortly.

So while it may have some shortcomings now, those are set to get resolved shortly.

All in all, Fubo Sportsbook is an excellent choice for anyone, both professional or casual bettors, and especially those who like to bet on in-play markets. But you don’t have to trust our word for it, and check it out yourself.

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