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Tools to Help You Make Money

  • Sports Betting Calendar — we update our sports betting calendar each week. If you are wanting to know what big events in sports are coming up, bookmark this page.

Sports Books to Read

Win Daily (by Jason Mezrahi) — this is a great book to help you win at Daily Fantasy Sports and Life!

How To Land A Dream Job If Your Dad Doesn’t Own The Team — solid kindle version book written by our friend Rob Thompson who we interviewed on episode 67 of the Knup Sports Show.

The Success Cycle — This book written by former NFL player Marques Ogden is as good as it gets. It’s more focused on life after sports and how to be a successful entrepreneur and business person. Marques joined us on Show #75.

Click here to read all of our sports book reviews. These may not all help you make money, but they can help your sports IQ! Buy sports books using this link to Amazon!

Shopping Online

  • Amazon — you all buy on Amazon. Consider supporting Knup Sports by simply STARTING HERE. If you click our link and do your Amazon shopping, we will make a small commission. Thanks in advance for thinking of starting with us.
  • Vivid Seats — get tickets to your favorite sporting events with our partner Vivid Seats.

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