NBA Betting


How to Bet the NBA

Professional basketball can be found all over the world. It is all over in Iceland, Belgium, Afghanistan and about 215 countries of the world while broadcasted in over 40 languages. Mostly, it is an American sport but the gambling ties go all over.

NBA betting increases when the playoffs start. It is not as large as the NFL but it has a healthy, steady following in the sportsbooks. The game is statistics-driven and is a long season. In fact, there are 1,230 games in a season which makes for many chances to win and lose.

This product is no different than other sports. Do your research as to whether players are healthy and how much time is built into the schedule for rest. What players are hot and which are cold can help in making this profitable. Other variables like trade talk and coaches philosophies are pertinent to success.

With fifteen players on a team and some realization of playing time for each player gives betting on the NBA a bit of an advantage over other sports. Pay attention the starting line-ups and first reserves to gauge each team.

Handicapping the NBA is important in your strategy to be successful. Shop around the sportsbooks for the ones that fit your needs and thoughts for each wager. Understand how teams fare at home and on the road. Then compare the teams playing each other for part of the puzzle to win.

Three types of bets pop up in the National Basketball Association and they are money line, point spread and over/under. The money line is the simple choice of which team will win and which will lose. This type of bet is likely to cost you more to play. The point spread tells how who will win and by how many points. One example might be the Knicks are +7 when facing the Heat. This bet says that the Knicks will play this game, win or lose, to within 7 points. Then you decide if you like that or not. The over/under is a total of the points at the end of the game for both teams combined. In the same Knicks/Heat game is might say +185. You then choose if they score more or less than that when the game is completed.

Again, look around for the sportsbooks that fit your bet and shop around. You can make an intelligent decision on your own and don’t need any of the high priced experts that tout their sharp ability to lead you to large success with their picks.

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