SI Sportsbook Promo Code & Review (July 2024)

SI Sportsbook Promo Code & Review
Sign Up Bonus: Up to $7500 Risk-Free Bet
First Deposit Bonus: $50 in free bets
Bonus Code:  7500BACK 


Sports Illustrated is a globally known name in the sports world, so it’s no surprise it decided to turn its attention to sports betting. Having formed a strategic partnership with 888, Sports Illustrated now owns its own online sportsbook – SI Sportsbook, which debuted in the Centennial State in 2021.

We’re still very early into SI Sportsbook’s existence; however, its name and the brand behind it alone are reasons enough to catch anyone’s attention. If that’s not enough, Sports Illustrated’ sportsbook is a birthchild of a partnership with 888, a proficient name in the online betting and gambling world, which is bound to cement SI Sportsbook as one of the leading betting providers in the United States.

The familiar red and black color scheme has carried over to SI Sportsbook, as well as its brand value, and from the little time SI Sportsbook has been available, it’s clear that the quality of the product has not been left out either. The platform is well designed, easy to navigate, and has all the features you would expect from a reputable sportsbook.

Although it’s not fair to judge a new site and compare it to some of the big dogs in the industry, SI Sportsbook has done a lot of things right very early on and holds its own weight in the competitive sports betting industry.

Ratings (out of 100)

  • Overall: 88/10
  • Bonus Offer: 95/10
  • Promotions: 95/10
  • Software: 80/10
  • Sports & Markets: 90/10
  • Sign Up Process: 90/10
  • Mobile Platform: 80/10

At a Glance 

  • Bonus Offer: Up to $7500 Risk-Free Bet
  • Promo Code: 7500BACK
  • Sign Up Link:
  • Physical Locations: Colorado
  • Mobile Betting: Available
  • Operator: VHL Colorado LLC
  • Software: Proprietary software


Any sports fan knows about Sports Illustrated, a legendary magazine and a staple amongst sports enthusiasts since it first launched in August 1954. To date, being featured on Sports Illustrated’s cover is considered a coveted position, not many elite athletes have managed to achieve.

As one of the biggest names in the sports world, Sports Illustrated took a step further with its strategic partnership with 888 to form their own online sportsbook – SI Sportsbook. The site made its first appearance in Colorado in 2021 and made plans to expand further into the US betting market and start rivalling some of the biggest brands in the sports betting industry.


As a new sportsbook in the betting market, SI Sportsbook still has a long way to go before it earns the status of one of the best. However, entering the industry late has had its benefits, helping SI Sportsbook learn from the mistakes of its predecessors and create a platform that compliments features all sports bettors would like to see.

Over our testing of SI Sportsbook, we have found a few pros of the site that make it stand out from the rest and should be considered if you’re wondering whether you should join SI Sportsbook.

Solid Mobile App – SI Sportsbook’ mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is overall solid. It has all the features you would like to see in a sportsbook app and works better than most of its competition.

Reputable – Owned by Sports Illustrated and powered by 888, you can be sure SI Sportsbook is reputable and safe.

It Can Only Get Better – From the start, SI Sportsbook has proven to be above-average in terms of quality, and its service, which is an excellent trait for a new site. SI Sportsbook has done a lot of things right, and with time, its overall quality will only get better.


Every sportsbook has its weaknesses, and those are usually plenty with new sportsbooks. SI Sportsbook is no exception; however, it’s very evident that it’s run by an experienced name in 888, as there are not many things to dislike. Still, SI Sportsbook has its flaws.

Mobile App – One of SI Sportsbooks’ strengths is also one of its weaknesses. While SI Sportsbook mobile app is excellent, it can be slow at times.

Customer Service – SI Sportsbook customer service does not have a live chat option.

5 Reasons to Play at SI Sportsbook

SI Sportsbook doesn’t have a large customer base just yet; however, that’s bound to change. It offers everything you would expect from a reputable sportsbook and more, making it one of the best sites for you to bet on. Here are five reasons why you should consider SI Sportsbook.

  1. Great Reputation and Strong Brand
  2. Excellent Welcome Bonuses and Promotions
  3. In-Play betting Available
  4. Vast Betting Markets Available
  5. Easy-to-Navigate Platform

SI Sportsbook Physical Locations (USA)

SI Sportsbook does not have any physical sportsbook just yet; however, according to reports, that’s about to change. Following the announcement of Sports Illustrated’s deal with 888, it was revealed that the agreement with Authentic Brands gave Authentic a 4.9% stake in 888’s US business and will include the potential to be used in physical locations.

As it stands now, however, the only physical location of SI Sportsbook is in Colorado, at Colorado Grande Casino as the only retail partner. On a more positive note, SI Sportsbook is expected to expand into other states and retail locations soon. 


  • Colorado Grande Casino 

Mobile Betting at SI Sportsbook

SI Sportsbook offers a solid mobile app for your on-the-go betting needs. It has its flaws, namely the lack of speed compared to its main competitors; however, this is still a new product, which is bound to improve over time.

However, from our testing, SI Sportsbook’s mobile app’s lack of speed hasn’t prevented us from placing bets. There is some delay when you first open the sportsbook and a slight delay when switching the betting markets, but if we draw a line, the minor delays are not a huge nuisance. It might, however, be a problem when trying to place an in-play bet, but, generally speaking, it’s not a significant hindrance.

On a more positive note, SI Sportsbook mobile app is stable. We haven’t encountered any crashes, which is a huge positive SI Sportsbook app has over its competitors.

The SI Sportsbook mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free. Android users can download it by navigating to Google Play and searching for SI Sportsbook, while iPhone and iPad users can download it from the App Store.

Upon opening SI Sportsbook mobile app, you will be greeted with the iconic red and black color scheme. Straight off the bat, it’s clear that SI Sportsbook’s mobile app isn’t flashy but rather simple and slightly vintage-looking.

The app is not here to blow you away but instead do what it has to without adding unnecessary features and sounds. Whether this approach is the best comes down to personal preference; however, SI Sportsbook app does what it has to and does it well.

The biggest positive of the SI Sportsbook mobile app is the way it approaches bet slip building, where the slip remains hidden until beckoned. This is a huge positive in our book, as it avoids the problem where the slip takes up half of your screen while you’re adding your bets.

Banking Options

Before you can start betting with SI Sportsbook, you, naturally,  need to deposit money into your account. You can do so via one of many banking options while remaining confident that your money is safe and secure, knowing all the financial transactions are processed by a trustworthy name in the scene.

Deposit Methods

To deposit money into your SI Sportsbook betting account, you can use one of the following: 

  •         Visa/MasterCard – enter your card number and the amount of money you want to deposit.
  •         ACH/eCheck – deposit will appear in your betting account instantly but might take 2-3 days to display on your bank statement
  •         PayNearMe – you will need to obtain a barcode from the cashier, bring it to any CVS, Walgreens, Family Dollar, or 7-11 and deposit money, which shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes
  •         Play+ – approval for Play+ card are instant and can be done in SI Sportsbook cashier
  •         Online Banking – for the first deposit, you will need to log into your online banking account, but all deposits are instant after that.

Withdrawal Methods

SI Sportsbook offers plenty of withdrawal methods for you to choose from, most the same as deposit options. While SI Sportsbook does not charge any additional fees for withdrawals, you might encounter some, depending on the method you use.

  •         ACH/eCheck – up to two days
  •         Play+ – up to two days
  •         PayPal
  •         Online Banking – withdrawals arrive the next day 

While some sportsbooks allow for withdrawals via Visa and MasterCard, SI Sportsbook for now only accepts deposits.

Sports Offered

Even though SI Sportsbook is a new name in the industry, it offers plenty of sports to you to bet on. That includes all major leagues, as well as minor competitions across most sports.

Be aware, however, that SI Sportsbook might not offer the same markets and odds in different states. While SI expands, it works under jurisdictions of local laws, which may lead to small differences in prices.

SI Sportsbook covers all major sports, including: 

  •         Football
  •         Basketball
  •         Baseball
  •         Tennis
  •         Soccer
  •         Esports
  •         Hockey
  •         MMA
  •         Golf

For some having betting markets available for the most popular sports is enough; however, SI Sportsbook hasn’t stopped there. On SI Sportsbook, you will also be able to bet on some less-popular sports, including: 

  •         Aussie Rules
  •         Boxing
  •         Cricket
  •         Handball
  •         Motor Racing
  •         Table Tennis
  •         Surfing
  •         Rugby League
  •         Netball
  •         Swimming
  •         Volleyball
  •         Winter Sports
  •         Curling
  •         Cycling

 Bet Types

No matter what types of bets you’re looking for, SI Sportsbook has got you covered with its wide range of betting options. On the site, you will be able to find any bet type, including moneyline, spreads, totals, teasers, parlay, alternative lines, and more.

Some of the most popular SI Sportsbook bet types include: 

  •         Moneyline: the most straightforward bet, where you predict the outcome of the match 
  •         Spread: allows you to either bet on the favorites with a handicap or the underdogs with a points advantage 
  •         Totals: betting on how many points will there be in a game 
  •         Parlay Bets: combines any series of bets with increased risk and higher potential reward 
  •         Bet Builder: similar to parlays, bet builder, allows you to put together markets in the same game 
  •         Teasers: a parlay bet, where the lines are moved 
  •         Futures: a bet on the future event, not necessarily dictated by the result of a match – who will be the new NBA champions 
  •         Prop Bets: a prop bet or proposition bet is not necessarily related to the game’s outcome, but rather on whether a specific event will happen – will X player score a touchdown.

InPlay Betting

SI Sportsbook offers in-play betting; however, it feels more like a work in progress at this stage. Still, SI covers an extensive breadth of sports and offers in-play betting on plenty of games daily.

Unfortunately, SI Sportsbook lacks some critical features, including live statistics. As a result, SI Sportsbook’s in-play betting is lacking and is not very immersive, forcing users to fina a broadcast or track the live statistics elsewhere.

Although in-play betting is negative on SI Sportsbook, the site will likely improve its in-play betting platform with time. Having partnered with an experienced technology partner in 888, you can be sure improvements will come – when that might be remains to be seen.

Loyalty Program

SI Sportsbook, unfortunately, lacks a loyalty program or a VIP program you would find on other sportsbooks. Regardless, that doesn’t mean its users don’t get awarded.

Besides its initial deposit bonus, which is available for all new SI Sportsbook users, the site also has exclusive promotions, which the active users can take full advantage of. Those include: 

Perfect 10 – you get a chance to win up to $10,000 in cash prizes if you make ten correct predictions and $1 in free bets for each accurate prediction 

Three & Win – Every Friday to Sunday, you can win $20 in free bets if you win a parlay bet of three or more legs.

Customer Support

If you happen to run into an issue while using SI Sportsbook, you should first visit the site’s FAQ section and try to find a solution there. The FAQ section is well designed and easy to use, making it very simple to find the answers you’re looking for.

If that doesn’t help, you can contact SI Sportsbook customer support by clicking on the “Contact Us” section and filling out the form. A SI Sportsbook agent will get back to you as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, SI Sportsbook does not offer live chat, nor does it have a phone number to call. That isn’t very reassuring; however, we can be sure SI will add those two options with time. 

Other Features

SI Sportsbook is not here to revolutionize sports betting but instead to become a serious competitor for top brands. And so far, it’s been doing an excellent job in achieving just that.

Outside of offering the usual features, you would otherwise find at any other sportsbook, SI Sportsbook also offers two unique features in Betfeed and recommendations, which will help you with your betting endeavors.

Bettors can select either on the left-hand side of the desktop platform and unlock a unique experience. 


The recommendation section offers bettors, as the name suggests, recommendations on where and what to bet on. To offer recommendations, SI Sportsbook built a new technology that uses a built-in algorithm to help review your previous selections and create recommendations tailored to your betting patterns.


The Betfeed is a slightly different feature. It features an excellent selection of accumulator bets placed by other SI Sportsbook users and uses the same technology as the recommendation feature, thus showing mostly accumulators that are relevant to your wagering habits.

Owner Testimonial

SI Sportsbook has everything it needs to compete with the best in the business. Even though it’s been around for a very short time, its usability and availability make it a very appealing sportsbook for both new and experienced bettors.

Unlike most other sportsbooks that have recently entered the market, SI Sportsbook has done a lot of things right, leaving it with only a few flaws it needs to fix with time. And if you can look past those minor shortcomings, SI Sportsbook is an excellent place to be.


Owned by the legendary Sports Illustrated magazine and 888, you can be sure SI Sportsbook won’t settle for mediocrity. It’s operated by two of the biggest names in the industry, and that alone should make you excited about what SI Sportsbook will become.

Admittedly, SI Sportsbook has its flaws, including iffy in-play betting, problems with its mobile app, lack of some betting markets, and a rather underwhelming customer support section. Regardless, SI Sportsbook has done a lot of things right and is definitely on the right track to becoming one of the biggest names in the sports betting industry.

Like any new site, SI Sportsbook is not flawless, and that’s completely fine, mainly because SI Sportsbook is here for the long run. There are still some issues SI need to fix, but generally speaking, SI Sportsbook has done a lot of things right.

Its site and mobile app give off a retro look, which might not be everyone’s cup of team, but if you can look beyond its appearance, you will see that SI Sportsbook offers all the features you would ever want in a reputable betting app. What’s more, being a new name in the game, SI Sportsbook offers very generous welcome bonuses and enticing promotions, which is something anyone will want to take advantage of.

We can’t say SI Sportsbook is one of the best betting providers in the industry – and it isn’t – but there are plenty of things to like about it, which more than justify at least trying it out. And why shouldn’t you – creating a SI Sportsbook account is completely free, and it will even allow you to cash in on the welcome bonuses.

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