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College Football is here and that means loads of fun and great Saturdays for several months. Here at KnupSports, this page is our EVERYTHING for college football. We will have weekly odds and outlooks on the weekly schedule. We also update our power rankings and have some CFB betting strategy discussion below.

Be sure you head to this page and read it before each week. Reminder, ALL of our betting picks can be found here. Across all sports! Hopefully, our insight will allow you to make some educated bets and win some money. That is what we are all about, “Let’s Make Money on Sports“.


College Football Scores & Odds

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How to Bet College Football

One of the most popular sports on the betting scene is college football. Many people will become bettors for this sport only. If you are going to delve into college football then there are some things you need to know. Things like terminology and betting approaches come to mind. Here are some things for you to consider before you start betting college football.

Types of Bets

The most popular type of bet in college football is the point spread. The sportsbooks set a line for each game. That line tells you who and by how many points a certain team will win by. It is up to you to decipher that spread and make a bet for or against a team. The favored team will have a negative number and then the underdog team will be featured with a positive number.

Let’s look at an example to help us with this concept. In the Big Ten conference let’s say Ohio State is listed as -10 to defeat Michigan State. This means the sportsbook is daring you to bet this game as they are putting money that Ohio State will win the game by 10 points or more. If you agree, then you bet OSU -10. However, if you like Michigan State to do better than that, which includes maybe losing the game but by less than ten points, you will bet MSU +10 to cover. If it ends with Ohio State winning by exactly 10 points then it is a “push” and neither win. That is why lines are likely to be -9.5 or-10.5 which takes care of a tie.

Another bet that bettors like is the money line bet. This will allow you to be the outright winner of the contest. Look at the moneyline and decide who you wish to bet on. If you bet the favored team it will cost you more to make money. If you like the underdog then it will cost you less to win.

Let’s look at an example of this. The sportsbook has put out a moneyline with Oklahoma at -280 and Oklahoma State +275. If you were to wager $100 on Oklahoma State and they won,  you would get a pay day of $275. If you want to bet Oklahoma, you will need to risk $290 to win $100. Sometimes, if you pay attention to details and do research, underdogs can be a great payout for you.

Another popular type of bet is the over/under. In this bet, the sportsbooks will give a total number that will be scored in the game. Then you, as the bettor, will decide if they will go over or under that total.

For example, if there is a game being played between Alabama and Auburn and the sportsbooks put out a total of 55 points, then you decide if those two teams can get that many points or not.

Another type of bet and possibly the hardest one of all is the parlay. This is a bet where you bundle more than one bet together. If you win it pays out a huge amount IF every team in your bundle is a winner. However, is one team loses then you can’t win the bet. The house knows the odds on this and it is very difficult to come out as a winner.


These types of bets are bets on player performance or a particular situation in a contest. There are various types of these and perhaps the simplest of these happen at a game just before it starts. That is the coin toss. You can make a prop bet on whether it will be heads or tails. A prop bet can be anything an oddsmaker wants to bet on. Another might be which quarterback in the game will throw the most yards or which will pass for most interceptions. It is easy to find these bets and usually, they are fun.

There are also futures bets on subjects like who will win the national championship or which team will win the conference. This is a very simple win or lose a bet.

Another is season win totals and in this bet, the sportsbooks will set a number of games each team will win. It is for the bettor to decide if that will be more or less than the number set. You might see an example such as Illinois will win 6.5 games. So you decide is it 7 or more or 6 and less.

There are in-game bets that can be made such as how many points will a team get in the first quarter of the first half. Maybe you can bet the total number of points both teams will have as they end the first half. The possibilities for these types of bets are very numerous.

That is basically the types of bets at your disposal. Remember to do research on your bets before wagering and don’t allow some talking head to make the decision for you. It is your money, use the many aids at your fingertips before betting. Be sure to practice good bankroll management in sports betting. Good luck!

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