The XFL sports some of the best athletes in football, and has proven to put players at the next level. With a new season and even more worth watching, it is a major change from how they began.

How it All Began

The XFL was a professional American football league that was created by NBC in 2001. The XFL was the first major league to have a full-contact, non-professional format. The XFL lasted for only one season and had eight teams throughout the United States and Canada.

The original plan for the XFL was to have four teams in California, two in Florida, two in Texas, one in New York, and one each in Chicago and Atlanta. However, due to poor ratings during its only season of play (2001), the league folded after just one year of existence.

How it Came Crashing Down (Early)

All seemed well when the league began, and some incredible players came out of that season. However, a lack of funding and low interest made the league hit a downhill spiral. The WWE decided to hold out on a second season, and the XFL was pushed to an unspecified date.

The Sequel

With the first season being played in 2001, we did not see XFL football for over a decade. However, when 2020 hit, we got to see them in action again. With a new fanbase, new teams, and complete renovations, they seemed like a new and improved league.

Their re-entry to the league was a huge hit, with some of the best professional football we have seen in America outside of the NFL. Some players went on to join NFL rosters and see real playing time, while others found work in other professional leagues.

All seemed well until we witnessed one of the biggest tragedies in the history of the world with Covid. The XFL suspended all operations, as well as most professional sports leagues. With a startup league suspending operations, it was bound to fail once again.

Brand New

The XFL handed ownership to Dwayne Johnson, and everything began to change. New teams, new uniforms, and new attention from other potential players. With the success of their league and the USFL, there was an immediate market for minor league football.

With roster moves becoming much more prominent in the NFL, former NFL players were finding their way to XFL rosters. Whether they be well-respected players that grew too old or NFL end-of-roster players trying to make a name for themselves, there is a place for you in the league.

We have now seen some of the best talent from NFL rosters making the jump. With Ben DiNucci, AJ McCarron and Martavis Bryant headlining the league, it should get even more viewers on board.

XFL Betting

Odds To Win The XFL Championship

Rules for XFL

There will be no PAT’s. Each scoring team has the option to run a play from different spots to add to their score. A two yard successful play is worth one point, a five yard play gains them two points and a successful 10 yard play garners three points.

Each team gets two timeouts per half in order to speed the game and there will be no coaches challenges. There will be a sky judge that looks at every play and can change the call within a 25 second time frame.

There are a lot more rule changes but the others have little impact on XFL betting.

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