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2021 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Release Preview

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This coming week will be the release of Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball. On August 11th, hobby boxes will be available from the Topps website and can also be found on eBay.

We were off for a bit last week, but we have returned to preview yet another release of cards for collectors and all those interested. This coming week will be the release of Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball.

On August 11th, hobby boxes will be available from the Topps website and can also be found on eBay.

For fans of the previous years of this line, 2021 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball will likely make those feel right at home with its familiarity. But it’s also an Allen & Ginter release, so that means odds are there will be varied options thrown around.

Despite that, there will be some similarities from previous lines. Hobby boxes will have 24 packs, eight cards per pack, and three total hits (autographs, memorabilia cards, Rip cards).

Allen & Ginter Checklist Review

Base Set Cards

The base set will remain the same size. 350 cards, 50 short prints. Like many packs and checklists, this set will contain snazzy veterans, blossoming rookies, and even some retired legends.

What makes this set so unique is that popular figures and athletes from other sports will also make appearances in the packs as well.

Parallels for the cards come in different quantities and options when it comes to the size of the card.

As for standard-sized cards, there are not too many that come up. There will be cards numbered one out of one in a glossy frame, as well as silver portrait versions for 300 of the 350 cards.

There are more parallels available for the tobacco-sized mini cards that are present in the set as well. The mini cards will appear one per pack.

  • Mini – (one per pack, SP 1 in every 13 packs)
  • Allen & Ginter Back Mini – (1 in every 5 packs, SP 1 in every 65 packs)
  • Black – (1 in every 10 packs, SP 1 in every 130 packs)
  • No Number – (50 copies each)
  • Brooklyn Back – # out of 25
  • Glossy – # out of 1
  • Wood – # out of 1 (hobby-exclusive)

There are also printing plates that are numbered out of one, but they are framed making them full sized.

Lastly, there are partial parallels that are present on 150 cards.

  • Stained Glass Mini – (25 copies each)
  • Framed Cloth Mini – # out of 10
  • Metal Mini – (three copies each in total)

Memorabilia and Autographs

Allen & Ginter is always a big hit when it comes to autographs.

One of the huge draws to look forward to are the mini, framed cards, on which there are on card autographs. Like the base set, there are other athletes and stars that are interwoven into the theme.

Two parallels for these cards exist. Black Frame which is numbered out of 25 and a Red ink option.

Autographed Relic Book Cards and Autographed Relic Dual Book Cards add to the memorabilia available. With print runs of only ten copies, they are a very tough batch to pull.

Cut Signatures will also make a return, even though they’re even more scarce than the relic books, coming as all one-of-a-kinds.

Full-Sized Relics have two different designs and are a part of the three different formats of memorabilia cards. There are also Framed Mini Relics that are baseball-only players and stars.

DNA Relics (numbered out of 25) and Mythical Relics (# out of 25) return. Both of these are hobby box exclusives. These cards also drift a bit away from the game of baseball and have other stars.

Rip Cards and Other Inserts

Rip Cards return and will have a rate of two per hobby case. Additional exclusive cards are in each of these, but that means you have to tear the original. An ultimate collector’s dilemma — keep the known product in top condition, or go big and bust.

There are 100 different cards in the Rip checklist each numbered.

Other Full Sized inserts include Historic Hits, which includes 50 cards that contain moments from huge walk offs or record setting performances. In addition to that, there are T51 Murad Reimagined which puts a new twist on the original 1911 set.

There are also mini sized inserts that will range from Framed Cloth Variations, as well as mini themes that take the themes into the natural world.

Lastly I will mention the chance at getting your hands on replicas of the original cards Allen & Ginter used to sell when they were just a. Tobacco company in the late 1800’s. Each buy pack is different and comes as a one of one.

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