Dallas Sports Betting

Ever since the Supreme Court lifted the federal ban on sports betting, cities and states have been lobbying to get it legalized. There are a handful of states across the country that have been quick to jump on board, and a new group of states are expected to make the jump soon. We will take a quick look at what Dallas sports betting could and should look like when legalized.

Some of the biggest sports cities in America can’t wait to get sports betting legalized, and Dallas, Texas would be one of those cities. Dallas is home to one of the most popular teams in America, and they have a clear interest and desire to see sports betting become legalized. Unfortunately for Dallas, they have to follow laws set by the state of Texas, and that might slow things down for them.

There are other major cities in the state that would love to get wagering legalized as well, but Dallas sports betting is right at the heart of it all. Let’s take a quick look at the current sports betting scene in Dallas Texas, as well as what might happen in the near future.

Status of Dallas Sports Betting

People in the state of Texas have been known to take their sweet time on things and the topic of sports betting is no different. While other states across the country are actively trying to push through new legislation to legalize sports betting, Texas seems to be content with just keeping things the same. There is no doubt that the city of Dallas would love to be able to have the control to make their own laws for sports betting, but that isn’t and won’t be the case for them.

Not only does the Texas sports betting seem to be getting little interest, but they also have laws prohibiting the operation of casinos and outlawing fantasy sports as well. Casinos are not allowed on state property, but Native American land is not regulated by the state, and one such casino exists in the state. If Texas isn’t even okay with allowing fantasy sports to be played by their residents, then it doesn’t appear that the folks in Dallas are going to get their way anytime soon.

Things appeared to be changing in Texas earlier this year when a new bill was introduced on February 1. This bill would legalize sports betting on mobile and online platforms, but there still wouldn’t be any “brick and mortar” locations available.

The Democratic-sponsored bill would charge sportsbooks $250,000 for a permit and would place a 6.25% tax on all bets that are placed. It would seem that this bill would make residents and city leaders of Dallas optimistic, but it is unlikely to pass with Republicans leading the way in the state legislature.

States around the country are starting to see the benefits of legalizing sports betting, and there is plenty of money to be made for the state. Texas does have laws in place that allow bingo, lottery, and horse betting, but all of these industries are controlled by the state. Cities all throughout the state of Texas would bring in a ton of new revenue if this particular bill does get past, but it will likely need to be a Republican sponsored bill.

Best Places To Bet in Dallas, TX

Since sports betting in Dallas, Texas is currently illegal there aren’t really any good places to bet in or around Dallas, Texas. That could change with new legislation, and the best places to look are always near the major stadiums inside the city.

The new bill that’s introduced in the state legislation currently doesn’t allow for physical sportsbooks, but expect that to change once they realize all of the revenue that they are missing out on. AT&T Stadium, or “JerryWorld,” is one of the most famous stadiums in the entire world, and you can bet that a sportsbook or two would make their way inside of that arena.

There are also 22 casinos around the state of Texas that offers horse betting or slots, and they would likely be able to purchase a license to offer Dallas sports betting if it ever becomes legal. WinStar World Resort Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma is the closest casino to the city of Dallas, but it is still 80 miles away.

The only place to really bet on sports in Dallas currently is through your computer or mobile device. Betting on sports is actually legal in the state of Texas as long as you are using an offshore sportsbook. There are plenty of options available on the internet, and doing a little research will provide you with the best offshore sportsbook that is right for you.

There is no doubt that there are thousands of people placing bets on Dallas Cowboys games while sitting in their comfortable seat inside AT&T Stadium. Until the state of Texas makes betting on sports easier across the state, a mobile device is the best place to bet.

Sports and Teams That Will Drive Betting in Dallas

When you think of the city of Dallas, the first team that comes to mind is the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are known as “America’s team,” and there is no doubt that they would really drive Dallas sports betting.

The Cowboys are members of the National Football League (NFL), and the NFL has already made it clear that they plan to align themselves with the sports betting industry. They will definitely make extra revenue from the current states to have legalized betting, but they would love to see Dallas and Texas make this move as well.

The Dallas Mavericks of the NBA and the Dallas Stars of the NHL are both extremely popular throughout the state of Texas as well. The Mavericks are owned by Mark Cuban who would love to get his hands on some of the sports betting industry money for sure.

The NBA is another league that looks to be aligning themselves with Las Vegas and the betting world, and the Mavericks would push the issue in this city. The Stars have a unique fan base in the state of Texas, but could capitalize on their recent successes to drive Dallas sports betting.

All three of these teams would help in getting the industry going in the city of Dallas, but the Cowboys would absolutely lead the way. Now all that’s needed is for the state of Texas to pass new legislation to get it going.

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