Major Events to Bet on for Golf

Masters Tournament- April 8-14   (won by Tiger Woods)

PGA Championship- May 13-19

U.S. Open- June 10-16

The British Open Championship- July 15-21

How to Bet Golf & PGA

Betting the PGA tour can be frustrating and a losing proposition unless you take the time to understand all of the nuances involved in it. One of the first things is research the players. With that look back at their history and see if they have played that course or not. The courses are important as it is like a major league player that is in different stadiums. The courses all play differently. Is the course long or short? Is there lots of rough in it? Are the greens all small? Know those things and match that up with the players that play well under those circumstances. This will give you a great player profile.

Get to know the golfers and their tendencies. Do they drive well but struggle putting? Are they paired up with others in the tournament that they have had issues with in the past? Know everything there is to know. Watch the Golf channel.

Look at the present and get a feel for how they have been doing recently. The websites about golf are a great help along with different forums can provide tons of information. These will give numbers for Driving Distance, Driving Accuracy, Greens in Regulation, Strokes Gained-Putting, Scrambling and Scoring Average of the different players.

Check the tee times for each player. The earlier times allows for it to play calmer and will play truer to form as it is receptive to the conditions. Morning draws can help the golfer and gives them an advantage.

Be a weatherman. Check the conditions for the entire tournament to locate which players may be in jeopardy with some bad weather. Check the wind and watch for weather fronts that can allow for a discrepancy between morning and afternoon players. Understand that afternoon conditions are primarily tougher to play and tend to lead to higher scores.

There are several different types of bets that can be considered.

Head-to-head betting entails that to golfers are paired together and you make a wager on which one will have a better tournament. You can also go for the group matchup bet which comes from the sportsbooks grouping three or more players and the bettor selects the one player that will have a better tournament. Group matchup bets offer a higher payout than standard golfer matchup bets because the golfer you select must finish higher than all other golfers in the pool.
Also, some like future bets which are something that happens in the future. One such bet might be selecting a golfer and betting on how many majors they will win during the year. The oddsmaker will create odds for future events and a bettor can wager on how he or she thinks those scenarios will play out.

Remember to bet responsibly. Getting involved in sports betting can be fun and a good pastime. Be a good money manager. Don’t try to make up for losses by adding more to your bet. Don’t bet over your limit and don’t bet at all if you can’t afford it. Good money management is imperative to success.


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