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Missouri is known as the “Show Me State,” and several lawmakers are hoping that sports betting fans will soon “Show Them the Money.” The sports betting industry is rapidly growing in the United States, and isn’t going to be slowing down anytime soon. Ever since the Supreme Court lifted a federal ban on sports betting in 2018, states have been able to make their own decision on whether or not to legalize it within their state. There are some die-hard sports fans all throughout the state of Missouri, and they are clamoring to be able to place bets on sports as well. Sports betting has brought in a ton of money in other states where it has been legalized, and lawmakers in Missouri are hoping to do the same thing. It does appear that sports betting will eventually be legal in Missouri, but it’s going to take some time.


Status of Betting AT A GLANCE: Lawmakers in Missouri began introducing bills to legalize sports betting in 2018, but they haven’t really gone anywhere. Most of the bills have been very similar in their language, but there has still been plenty of opponents and debates surrounding these bills. It does sound like Missouri is on a path to legalize, but it could still be a ways away.

Where to Bet AT A GLANCE: There are 13 casinos currently in operation in the state of Missouri, and several of them are already equipped to add a sportsbook on site. Even though these are technically all riverboat casinos, most of them don’t ever leave dry land. Missouri lawmakers are hoping to include mobile and online sportsbooks into any law that gets approved.

Teams AT A GLANCE: Missouri is home to four professional sports teams, and all of them have had plenty of success of late. St. Louis is home to two of the most popular teams in the state, but Kansas City has a pair of teams as well. There are also some big events that take place in Missouri that should help drive sports betting if and when it becomes legal.

Status of Sports Betting

There were a few states that began to discuss the idea of legalizing sports betting even before the Supreme Court lifted the federal ban. Missouri was one of those states, but yet they still don’t have a sports betting bill in place today. As many as six sports betting bills were introduced in the state of Missouri in the last 12 months, but none of them actually made it far enough to get voted on. Most lawmakers would agree that Missouri needs to legalize sports betting, but they can’t quite figure out a way to get the job done. This will continue to be a hot topic of debate in the coming months, but we can look back at the recent bills to get a glimpse of what it might look like in the future.
The Missouri Gaming Commission controls and operates the casino industry in the state of Missouri and they would likely be in charge of getting the sports betting industry up and running. It has been made clear that the current casinos in the state of Missouri would be given the first chance to offer sports betting if it ever becomes legal. Lawmakers in the state of Missouri have also approved allowing DFS companies to operate within the state if sports betting becomes legalized. It seems likely that mobile and online betting would be part of the law as well, which should allow the state of Missouri to bring in a ton of added revenue. The legal age to place a bet on sports in the state of Missouri is 21, and it is unclear if there would be any restrictions placed on certain sports or certain teams. Almost all of this language is similar to laws we have seen passed in other states, and Missouri should join the party in the very near future.

Where to Bet Sports

Even though there have been several different sports betting bills introduced in the “Show Me State,” all of them have been consistent with where betting would take place. Riverboat casinos would be able to apply for a sports betting license to be able to take bets at their establishment. There are thirteen casinos throughout the state of Missouri, but the biggest and most popular establishments will likely pave the way in the sports betting industry. Lawmakers have also been wise to include mobile and online betting into their bills, and that is another great way to bet on sports in Missouri.

Ameristar Casino Hotel Kansas City: The biggest casino in the state of Missouri just happens to be located in the biggest city. The Ameristar Casino Hotel Kansas City is an extremely popular establishment in the state of Missouri, and would probably love to get their hands on some money from the sports betting industry. This casino has over 2,500 gaming machines, and more than 50 table games. This is a huge establishment that has the ability to expand and build a sportsbook in the near future. The Ameristar would likely need to partner with a sports betting company, but that could be arranged.

Lumiere Place Casino Resort: Lumiere Place might actually become the most popular place to bet on sports in the state of Missouri due to their great location. The Lumiere Place is located in downtown St. Louis, and is a popular stop for sports fans either before or after Cardinals or Blues home event. There is a hotel on-site at this casino as well as a ton of great places to eat at in or around the casino. This isn’t one of the biggest casinos in the state of Missouri, but it is always busy, and being in St. Louis gives it a distinct advantage against their competitors.

Harrah’s North Kansas City: Harrah’s has gotten involved in the sports betting industry in other states, and that should allow them to add a sportsbook to their location in North Kansas City. Harrah’s North Kansas City has some of the best reviews out of all casinos in operation in Missouri, and will likely be one of the first that is able to offer sports betting. This location will be able to attract visitors from the state of Kansas as well, and there should be plenty of action taken at this location when the Chiefs take the field during the NFL season.

Online Sportsbooks: It appears that lawmakers in Missouri are hoping to legalize mobile sports betting, and that has been one of the most popular ways to bet on sports in other states. Some Missouri residents simply aren’t close to any of the casinos in the state, but it is easy for them to place a bet via their mobile device. Mobile and online sportsbooks have also been known to bring in the most revenue to the states where sports betting in currently legal. Expect online sportsbooks to become extremely popular in the Show Me State, and that will be one of the most popular places to bet.

Latest News

Lawsuit Threatens Missouri Gaming Machines: Platte County Processing Attorney Eric Zahnd has filed a lawsuit that could put an end to gaming machines located throughout the state of Missouri. Gaming machines have been placed in bars and grocery stars in Missouri, but Zahnd is trying to put a stop to it all. Zahnd believes that gaming machines are illegal and go against the Missouri State Constitution. There is a hearing scheduled for December, and the verdict could play a huge role in the sports gambling debate.

Caesars and Eldorado Announce Merger: Another thing that could affect the sports betting world in Missouri is the recent merger between Caesars and Eldorado Resorts. There are currently Eldorado owned resorts in the state of Missouri, and they are no partnered with one of the biggest gaming and entertainment companies in the world. Caesars is in a rough spot financially, and they were looking to strike a deal in an effort to remove some of their debt. Both companies have been closely tied to sports betting in other states, and the trend should continue in Missouri.

Illinois Legalizes Sports Betting: Even though this piece of news has a bigger effect on the state of Illinois, it will have a financial impact in Missouri as well. Illinois legalized sports betting in May of 2019, and things should be up and running by the time the 2019 NFL season kicks off. The casinos in Missouri are worried about losing out on revenue to sportsbooks in Illinois, and that is an understandable concern. Lawmakers in Missouri will likely do what they can to keep sports betting fans within their borders.

Sports Teams That Drive Betting

The city of St. Louis is widely regarded as one of the best sports towns in America, but the state as a whole should get more recognition as well. Missouri is a sports driven state, and they pay very close attention to the professional teams within the state. The state has also been able to celebrate a championship parade in the last month, and there will be more coming in future years. Sports fans in Missouri don’t need any added reasons to watch their favorite teams play, but sports betting would get popular in a hurry in the Show Me State.

Most people don’t associate the Kansas City Chiefs with the state of Missouri, but they should. The Chiefs play their home games in Kansas City, Missouri, and are now the only NFL team remaining in the state with the departure of the St. Louis Rams. Kansas City is a huge city, and their residents have fallen in love with the Chiefs team. There is no doubt that the Chiefs would play a large role in sports betting in Missouri if it ever becomes legalized.

The state of Missouri is home to a pair of Major League Baseball teams, but one team is way more popular than the other. The St. Louis Cardinals are the most popular team in Missouri, and they are one of the most storied franchises in the National League. The Kansas City Royals did win a World Series Championship recently, but the Cardinals are THE baseball team in Missouri.

Hockey isn’t extremely popular throughout the country, but that isn’t the case in Missouri. The St. Louis Blues just won their first ever Stanley Cup Championship in June 2019, and the fans packed the streets to celebrate with the team. St. Louis was disappointed to lose their NFL team, but they have quickly moved on to the NHL. The Blues will definitely drive sports betting in Missouri.

The University of Missouri and Saint Louis University are the two biggest schools in the state, and both of them have a very proud athletic tradition. Missouri is a member of the mighty SEC, and that conference is one of the most popular throughout the country. There would likely be plenty of action on these two schools if it were legal in Missouri.

The Missouri Valley Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament annually takes place in the city of St. Louis, and the attendance is always great. Being able to bet on the games while watching the Arch Madness tournament will definitely bring some extra excitement to what is already a great weekend.

There are more than enough teams and big events that take place in Missouri that will help to get sports betting off of the ground. St. Louis is widely regarded as one of the best sports cities in America, and they will be at the center of the sports betting world if it ever passes in Missouri.

Legal Status

Casino Legal Status: Riverboat casinos are legal in the state of Missouri, but most of these casinos never leave dry land. Casinos can have table games as well as gaming machines.

Sports Betting Legal Status: Not currently legal in the state of Missouri. At least six bills have been introduced in the last 12 months, but none of them have been voted on.

Horse Racing Legal Status: Betting on horse racing at the racetrack is legal in the state of Missouri as long as the proper licenses have been applied for and are valid.

Poker Legal Status: Operating an online poker site in the state of Missouri, but Missouri residents can play online poker through an off-shore account. Poker is legal in the casinos in the state.

DFS Legal Status: Daily fantasy sports were deemed legal in the state of Missouri in 2016, although companies are not allowed to operate within the state lines.

Lottery Legal Status: The Missouri Gaming Commission operates the lottery in the state. Residents can purchase lottery tickets at approved retailers in the state.

Sports Betting Timeline

  • June 2019: Legislative session ends with no movement on sports betting bill
  • April 2019: Sports betting bill clears House Committee
  • February 2019: Up to six (6) new sports betting bills are introduced
  • June 2018: Legislative session ends with no vote on sports betting
  • May 2018: Supreme Court lifts federal ban on sports betting

February 2018: Bills introduced to legalize sports betting in Missouri

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