How to Bet NASCAR

There are great opportunities for a smart bettor to make money on NASCAR. First of all, it is not considered an important sport in Vegas. That means they don’t pay as much attention and have a larger chance to slip up. The oddsmakers prefer to go where the bigger money is and they make their best effort in handicapping football, basketball and sometimes baseball.If you pay attention and do some research, you should be able to make money betting on NASCAR.

Here is where the research comes in on your bet. You need to look into last weeks’ finishers and whether they finished strong or had problems with their car. Check out their practice session performance, look at how they have done on similar tracks. Check websites that can give you plenty of information on how they have done in the past. Now one thing to remember here is that these guys work as a “team”. How successful has their team been in previous weeks and past performance at the current track. You all of this and more if you can find it to gauge how well they project to finish this week. Remember that some drivers do better on different track surfaces and that is imperative to discover.

Different racetracks are like major league games are played on different kinds of baseball diamonds. This is true in NASCAR. One type is the restrictor plate tracks also known as Super Speedways. Two of the more famous of these are in Talledega and Daytona. The restrictor plate is a metal plate with holes in it designed to slow the airflow into the engine thereby reducing horsepower and speed. This is done many times due to the size of the tracks that can’t handle the unbridled speed of the cars.

Certain drivers do better on super speedways. Another is the standard oval which are called road race tracks. The drivers just keep going round and round in an oval. Short tracks are also a type that is very similar to an oval but they are smaller. The most common type is the intermediate track and there are drivers that excel on these. Take the time to research the characteristics of each track and the drivers that excel on them.

There are several types of bet and the most popular is to simply choose the winner. You get odds for each driver and it is up to you to research where the oddsmakers may have fallen short. Another is the match-ups where you can bet head-to-head with two drivers against each other. You decide which will finish higher than the other one.These are money line bets. Finally, there are the top five bets and you, as the bettor, choose a driver to finish in the top five. Think of it like a horse race where they allow win, place and show bets.

In conclusion, watch, read and participate. Maybe find a forum where they talk NASCAR. Read online about driver interviews and team owners. Know the tracks and find the best sportsbook to fit your needs. Always remember to practice good money management.

Major Events to Bet on for NASCAR

  • Daytona 500
  • Atlanta Motor Speedway
  • Las Vegas
  • Phoenix
  • Auto Club
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