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The Rest of the NHL Should Pray the Rangers Do Not Get Patrick Kane

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If the Rangers trade for Patrick Kane, they immediately become the most dangerous team in the NHL.

New Addition to the Rangers

The Rangers added Vladimir Tarasenko to their team about a week ago, initially making it seem like they were out on the Patrick Kane sweepstakes. However, recent reports have said Kane asked the Chicago Blackhawks if there is any way he could still be traded to the Rangers.

A team that already has a top-five goaltender, a blue line consisting of one of the best puck-moving defensemen in Adam Fox, one of the hardest-hitting defensemen in Jacob Trouba and a top-six forward group that is already top 10 in the NHL could possibly add the greatest U.S. born hockey player ever.

If Patrick Kane were to reunite with Artemi Paniran and join Mika Zibanejad, Vladimir Tarasenko, and Chris Kreider, the top six of the New York Rangers would have no weakness.

They would have two of the greatest passers from the wing position in Kane and Paniran, along with two of the game’s best snipers in Tarasenko and Zibanejad. Add the physical, gritty goal scorer in Krieder, and this team would be able to outscore any team in the league.

Igor Shesterkin could have an off night, and the Rangers could still win by two goals, and that is scary for the rest of the league. One of the best home-ice advantages in hockey come playoff time could spell trouble for anyone not named the Boston Bruins.

Boston Bruins

Boston is the only team in the east that could stop the Rangers if Kane goes there, and with Boston on pace to win the President’s Trophy, which could bring the curse teams have had in the past, New York could walk their way to finals if they don’t see Boston come April and May.

The western conference has no one that would even put up a fight against New York if this was to happen, not even Colorado, who has been dealing with injuries all season. Edmonton has nowhere near enough talent at the blue line or in the net to deal with the top six stated above.

Kane also brings the clutchness that may have been lacking for New York in the playoffs last year, as the man who created the heartbreaker celebration wants to break more hearts if he makes it to New York.

Overall, New York should not worry about picks or prospects and make this trade happen for a fan base that would erupt with joy reading a headline that Kane is heading to the big apple.

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