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Most Electric Potential Stanley Cup Finals 2023

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What teams would make for the most electric environment for a Stanley Cup Final in 2023. Which teams would make for the best trip?

The greatest playoffs in professional sports doesn’t need any help when it comes to creating electrifying moments. However, if you could write a script for the best Stanley Cup Finals matchup this year who would you pick?

Boston Bruins vs. Colorado Avalanche

The defending Stanley Cup champions meeting the team that has a chance to finish the regular season with the most points ever in a season would surely make some headlines. The Avalanche have the potential to cement themselves as the new dynasty in the NHL, while the Bruins seem to have their last chance for a cup with their veteran group.

The Avalanche may have more star players than any other team in the league right now with Nathan MacKinnon, Cale Makar, and Mikko Rantanen to name a few. The Bruins have two aging superstars with a chance to add one final accolade to their hall of fame resumes in Patrick Bergeron and Brad Marchand.

Lastly, the fanbase of the Avalanche showed last year how electric they can make an area when the lights shine brightest and Boston fans don’t need any introduction for what they can bring to the table in a championship series.

New York Rangers vs. Los Angeles Kings

This would be a rematch of the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals which ended with a double overtime game winner by Kings’ defenseman Alec Martinez. New York and Los Angeles seem like an easy pick due to the size of the markets but there is so much more.

Only three years ago these two organizations picked first and second overall in the draft. The Kings’ star players from their cup wins in 2012 and 2014 are holding on while one of the best prospect pools in the NHL has stepped up way earlier than expected.

The Rangers have seemed to get very little production from their prospects but still have been able to compete with great play from the top two lines and electrifying goaltending from Igor Shesterkin.

With older stars like Anze Kopitar and Drew Doughty making one final run for their third Stanley Cup, and current stars Adam Fox and Artemi Panarin trying to establish themselves as first time champions Madison Square Garden and the Staples Center seem like the perfect place for this showdown to take place.

Edmonton Oilers and Toronto Maple Leafs

An all Canada Final is exactly what the NHL could hope for. A Canadian team hasn’t won the Stanley Cup since 1993 when the Montreal Canadiens won it all. However, there are 10 times more storylines if this matchup was to happen.

First, Connor McDavid could establish himself one of the greatest players ever, if he hasn’t already, with a chance to win his first cup. The electrifying playmaker also has a chance to be the 6th player ever to record 150 points in a season.

On the other side the Maple Leafs are looking for their first cup since 1967. One of the most passionate fan bases in hockey would burn the city to the ground for a chance at a cup.

Not to mention Austin Matthews might be the second best player in the sport, and similar to Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin, will be tied to McDavid for their whole careers.

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