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Here are the Top Five Favorites to Take Home the Larry O’Brien Trophy in 2022-23

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The NBA is already halfway through its season. We look at the top odds and present the top five favorites to take home the Larry O’Brien trophy in 2022-23.

The Boston Celtics

Right now, if you had to put money on any team winning the NBA, it would be the Boston Celtics. At the halfway point of the regular season, bookmakers have them leading the Larry O’Brien trophy odds at +350.


Currently, the Celtics lead not only the Eastern Conference but the entire league. With an impressive start to the season, the team currently holds a 70% win rate. The last time they won the Championship was in 2008, but the side will be motivated after winning their Conference last year and falling at the final hurdle in the NBA Finals. 

The Milwaukee Bucks

Nipping at the Boston Celtics’ heels in the bookmakers’ odds to win the Larry O’Brien trophy this year are the Milwaukee Bucks. Currently, they’re on a money line of +550, 200 points behind the Celtics’ odds.


Interestingly, the Milwaukee Bucks are only fifth overall in the league and third behind the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference. However, the Bucks have had some impressive performances so far this season, including winning their first nine games on the bounce. The side have also recently won a championship in 2021, so know what it takes to go all the way in the NBA Finals.


The Brooklyn Nets

Speaking of the Brooklyn Nets, the New York-based side is just 50 points behind the Milwaukee Bucks in the bookmakers’ odds. With odds of +600, the Brooklyn Nets are the third favorite team to win the NBA Championship in 2022-23.


Currently, the Nets sit second in the Eastern Conference and third overall, winning more than two-thirds of their games. To win the entire league, however, they’ll need to navigate either the Boston Celtics or Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference playoffs, or possibly both.

The Golden State Warriors

Coming in as the fourth favorite halfway through the season are the Golden State Warriors, with odds of +800.


It’s no surprise that the Golden State Warriors are in the top five favorites to win the Larry O’Brien trophy, even though they are currently sixth in the Western Conference. This is because, in the last eight years, the Warriors have won four Championships, including the most recent one in 2022. Despite not showcasing a form like in reason years, the team is still in contention to enter the postseason.


To understand exactly how qualification for the postseason works, you can find the NBA rules on this page. The beauty of the NBA playoffs is how teams can win titles from underdog positions, giving the Warriors a chance at the title this year still.

The Los Angeles Clippers

Rounding out the top five favorites to take out the NBA Championship this year are the Los Angeles Clippers. With odds of +850, the Clippers aren’t exactly a heavy favorite, but with plenty of games still to be played, may well put together a deep run to the title still.


Currently, the Los Angeles Clippers are seventh in the Western Conference, winning around half of their games. However, it hasn’t always been this way. Rewind the clock a few weeks, and the Clippers were sitting much prettier. Six consecutive losses since December 30th have dented this record, and given a hit to their odds at the bookies as well.

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