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Top Five Pitchers in College Baseball 2024

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This list is , of course debatable and everyone looks for something different to focus on. KnupSports tried to use the whole spectrum of work from last season.

1- Josh Hartle from Wake Forest -His record was 11-2 with a 2.81 ERA in 18 appearances and 17 games started in 102.1 innings pitched. The batting average against was .237. At 6’5. 200 lbs. this lefthander has four different pitches, starting with a fastball that averages 90 mph and tops out at 94 but misses plenty of bats because of his angle, sinking and boring action and command. His plus low-80s slider with two-plane depth is his best secondary pitch, though his upper-80s cutter isn’t far behind and his mid-80s change-up also has its moments.

2- Hagen Smith from the Arkansas Razorbacks was 9-2 last season with a 3.64 ERA in 11 starts and 71.2 innings pitched. This left-hander is capable of hitting triple digits with his fastball and has work short relief. middle relief and long relief. His coach says he is best suited to be a starter. He is like a 5-15 draft pick.

3- Trey Yesavage at 6’4″ and 225 lbs from East Carolina, this righthander has a big body and good control of his lower half. is fastball is sitting in the mid-90s and getting up to 98 MPH with exceptional carry, though he was more in the low-90s as the year went on. His command has improved drastically, as well. All of Yesavage’s secondaries garner plenty of whiffs, led by a mid-to-upper-80s cutter/slider hybrid with late bite and tilt. His low-80s curveball has plenty of depth and boasts plenty of success.

4- Brody Brecht- righthander from Iowa is 6’4″ and 225 lbs. He is a beast on the mound that can hit 104 mph with his fastball. He usually is 97-99 mph with explosive action. The slider is his best pitchat 87-91 mph with tons of motion both vertically and horizontally. His splitter is used rarely but a decent pitch. His upside is large. Could go in Top Ten of draft depending team needs. Looks like a good candidate for the St. Louis Cardinals and their love of fireballers.


5- Chase Burns also a starter at Wake Forest. He pitched last season for the Tennessee Volunteers before entering the transfer portal. In 2023, he was 5-3 with a 4.25 ERA in 19 appearances and 2 saves. He has a 96 MPH fastball that can reach 102 on occasion. The fastball comes in straight which allowws the batters to get a good look at it. His slider is a great pitch in the upper 80’s and successful with A 61% swing and miss rate. First round pick in draft. Make be converted to relief.

Next three : Matt Ager (UC Santa Barbara), Drew Beam (Tennessee). Michael Massey (Wake Forest)

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