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“Success is the Only Option: The Art of Coaching Extreme Talent” by John Calipari

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Tom looks at the book “Success is the Only Option by John Calipari. He talks about handling talented players that expect to go to the NBA.

Running one of the premier college basketball programs in the country is a difficult thing to do. But Kentucky coach John Calipari has a plan that helps sustain the level they reach each and every year. The advice given in “Success is the Only Option” can be used for CEO’s, business managers, teachers, coaches and other aspects of society to are trying to build a successful group around them.

Coach Cal is known for traveling the country and recruiting some of the best talent in the nation without giving them outlandish promises. He uses the mantra to “commit to each other, be about each other without sacrificing your goals, and by doing this you can achieve all YOUR dreams and more.”

Calipari is used to his players being stars in their own right before they reach him. He knows they have been the main event with plenty of YouTube videos showing the world their special talents in basketball. That is why he understands and makes it clear to his players that it is alright to be a one and done but there are rules that must be followed as they turn from individuals to a team of stars.

With this happening, he views each team like it is a startup business and he must help them grow. He understands his players, he knows what makes them tick, what makes them upset and what motivates them to success. He share this knowledge that can be used as a recipe for success for the business model.

He is quick to add that he can’t always control every aspect of the game but he is the man in charge just as business leaders are in their environment. This book offers a glimpse into ways to win whether it is on the basketball floor or in the boardroom of a Fortune 500 company.

It has many basketball stories to illustrate his thoughts but can be used by any manager of people. The book is worth reading.

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