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“The New Baseball Bible” by Dan Schlossberg

Book review at Knup Sports

Tom looks at another sports book. The New Baseball Bible has information from the beginning of the sport until the current day.

If you are a fan of baseball or want to get a gift for a baseball lover, The New Baseball Bible is just the thing. It is packed full of topics that date from its beginning to the current scene in baseball. This highly researched book touches on rules, records, umpires, strategy, equipment and much more.

Almost every page also has some baseball nuggets about things that have happened that are odd or unusual and many times it relates to a record in baseball that few people recognize.

You don’t have to have to worry about team allegiance as it covers teams traced to the beginning of baseball. The book takes us through time and each baby steps the game took to get to the one we love today.

The book is a reminder of how the game has evolved and is a great book for coffee table reading. Pick one up and you want be sorry. It’s a great read!

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