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“A Life Well Played” by Arnold Palmer

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Tom looks at “A Life Well Played: My Stories” by Armold Palmer as he takes us from golf course to his personal dealings.

Palmer shares how he was taken back by some of the comments from the professionals early in his career. He overheard one telling others “that Palmer kid should get a job, he won’t make in on the circuit.” He then mentioned how Ben Hogan spoke loudly to his buddies, for Arnold to hear, “how did Palmer get an invite to Augusta?”A Life Well Played about Arnold Palmer give the readers a glimpse of who formulated his thoughts, what motivated him and some disappointments he had in his life. “Arnie” begins by telling us how his dad worked hard everyday and became a greens taker at a local golf course. Then his dad taught him a grip and allowed him to swing however he wanted. It was this swing that got a lot of attention throughout his professional career.

As a pro that finally made it he recollects being in line to win a major tourney but having a professional buddy on the last hole or so giving him advice on how to hit a ball out of the trees. This was a clear rules violation as only the caddy to give advice. Palmer ignored him as long as he could and then blasted the ball out for a good shot. Nothing came of it but Arnold wasn’t happy. After he won the tourney people all around celebrated his win and he never realized until his next city his putter had been stolen out of his bag.

Utter disappointment came to Arnold due to a contract snag with the Wilson Company. Palmer had a handshake agreement with the president of the company that he could opt out of his contract anytime. But when that CEO was replaced they were a stickler in enforcing the contract and Arnold wanted out. The new president said no. After the current agreement ended after three years and he started his own Arnold Palmer Golf Company.

One thing Palmer wanted to see was for golf to take on a world view. Golf from all countries involving players from different parts of the world. He wanted the sport to become a better spectator sport.

He gets involved in the formation of the Golf Channel on TV even though those that advised him were against it. He said he had driven through the trees before and this was no different. The Golf Channel opened at in Orlando, Florida and the Bay Coast Golf area. Arnold Palmer was elated.

This book is an easy read and very insightful into the game of golf and the easy going personality of the great Arnold Palmer.

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