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XFL Uniform Rankings – Which Team Looks the Best?

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The new XFL jerseys are all sharp, but only one stands at the top. Tommy Burch ranks all 8 uniforms and which is the best.

With the XFL rebooting this year, many teams have revamped and swapped out their old jerseys. This list is based on opinion alone, but each team is ranked according to their looks.


8. San Antonio Brahmas

I genuinely really do like the grey jerseys, but their yellow uniforms are horrendous. The logo and helmet idea are impeccable, but the highlighter jersey gives me an Oregon Ducks feel without any of the intensity the Ducks show.


The lettering and font on the team name is not bad, but the numbers themselves prove to be much more distinct in a negative way. The fact that the yellow jersey does not sport a third color makes it seem like it was made in Microsoft Paint. With so much potential as a team, you would hope for better XFL uniforms.


7. Seattle Sea Dragons

The jerseys themselves are actually well-styled, and there is no issue involving all of the team’s colors. However, the colors are not a personal favorite of mine, and the helmet is an incredible step down from their previous design. The all-orange is painful and ruins their old feel. It is not that the jerseys are so bad that puts them here, it is more of the downgrade.


6. Orlando Guardians

It may eb an unpopular opinion, but I believe the Guardians jerseys are incredible. The color combo on the jerseys is not great, with cement grey and neon green being the primary components. However, the helmet and sleeves on the jerseys look great, and it brings it all together. They have the Oregon look that the Brahmas could not emulate.


5. Vegas Vipers

The Vipers may be top 3 in my personal favorite due to the resemblance to my high school football jerseys, but stylistically the do not fit the bill. The jersey is nice, yet simple. The team’s text above the numbers is entirely too large, and makes the jersey seem unproportionate. The helmet is nice though, and the “V” logo always looks good.


4. Houston Roughnecks

This may be the most unpopular opinion of all, but the Roughnecks jersey is not top 3. Some believe it is the absolute best with the little details throughout, but it just does not stand out. Other than the Roughnecks logo which is easily the best in the sport, the uniform seems a bit bland and repetitive. It stands in the top half for a reason with how well it was designed, but it seems to rip off other popular sports jerseys.


3. St. Louis Battlehawks

I am an absolute sucker for these jerseys. The fact that they can do so much with so little impresses me, with the minimalism and lack of extremity proving effective. The grey away jersey is not my favorite and I wish it were not so dark, but the blue jersey and helmet take the cake for me.


2. Arlington Renegades

From a color standpoint, Arlington wins outright. The white jersey is incredibly crisp, with the shoulders and definition of the numbers. However, the only thing keeping it from No. 1 is the font of the numbers and the bordering. It seems a bit overdone and takes away from the masterpiece of the rest of the uniform. Thank goodness their helmet is beautiful.


1. D.C. Defenders

Again, an incredibly unpopular opinion, but on the field, these will be the elite uniforms. The font is beautiful on the numbers and text, the coloring is amazing, the style is sleek, and the white camo on the shoulders of the away uniform gives it the most unique and entertaining look in all of the XFL.

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