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2021 Panini Luminance Football Release Preview

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Check out the box release from Panini in preparation for the upcoming 2021 NFL season! Read the 2021 Panini Luminance Football release preview and see what to expect from it.

Another week, another box release from Panini in preparation for the upcoming 2021 NFL season.

Friday, July 8th will see the release of the 2021 edition of Panini’s Luminance Football. 

Like past years of the line, this one is heavily focused on imagery and photography.  Though it does come with some additional flair that includes great lighting that brings the focus on the player.

With many elements offered, hobby boxes for this release include four hits, three of which are autographs. Collectors of the box will also find four inserts and five parallels spread across the four packs in each box.

Each box will include four-packs, and ten cards per pack coming from the 200 card base set and the various inserts and parallels.

2021 Panini Luminance Football Checklist

The base set is an action-photographed focus that contains some great touches. Luminance once again uses a borderless, full-bleed card appearance that goes all out. 

As previously mentioned, lighting comes into play to give the cards both an even more distinct look as well as to spotlight the players. The font is also very modern and other choices make the minimalist approach even more apparent in this set.

This will also be one of the first products released by Panini or any other brand that will feature rookies listed to their professional NFL teams. However, in this set, they will still be pictured in collegiate uniforms.

Since this is one of the smaller sets that has been released in the past few weeks, parallels are limited for this base set. 

Parallels include Gold (# out of 299), Blue (# out of 99), Green (# out of 75), Orange (# out of 50), Teal (# out of 35), Red (# out of 25), Pink (# out of 10), and Platinum (# out of 1). The platinum parallel is done with holographic stock.

Inserts, Autographs and Memorabilia

There are 11 inserts in this set that all have various parallels attributed to them. 

Starting the inserts will be the SSP’s (super short prints) which will be the inserts of Jubilee, Moments, and Rising. Within each of these, they only include one parallel type, Black, which will be numbered out of 1.

This Luminance set also features a few other inserts, including Dynamic, Dynamic Rookies, Far Out, Flash, House Calls, Lights Out, Moments, and Radiance.

Moving on from there, this release will also feature Year One Signatures RPS that feature on-card autographs from key picks in the 2021 NFL Draft. Unlike the base set explained before, these players will be featured a part of their college teams in both the team name and photo. 

Parallels for this will use different colored ink including Red, Green, and Purple. Select cards also have different variations.

Doubling up the rookie ink are Year One Dual Signatures that will feature two rookies per card. The on-card theme carries over to these.

For Rookie Luminance Autographs, cards are a little more special because they are printed on an exclusive holographi foil stock.

Portrait Signatures is one of the opportunities for collectors to find veteran players and pieces within the 2021 Panini Luminance Football set. 

This design features a lighter touch that differs them from the normal base set, and the photographs get more up-close and personal. Parallels for this insert include Gold (# out of 49 or less), Green (# out of 25 or less), and Platinum which of course is numbered out of 1.

Illuminated Ink Autographs and Autograph Jerseys are two additional spots with veteran signatures. Both have Gold (# out of 49 or less) and Platinum (# out of 1) versions. 

Autographs Jerseys Green top out at 25 copies while it’s 10 for Illuminated Ink Green.

There is also Illuminated Ink Gold and Platinum that also feature 10 cards each that cap off the top-tier auto’s in this set.

As for memorabilia cards, Jumbo is the big draw that gets its name from the oversized swatches that the card contains. Parallels range from Gold (# out of 49 or less), Green (# out of 25 or less), and Platinum (# out of 1).

Bright Beginnings which features great young stars and Vintage Materials round out the memorabilia inserts.

In total, this set features a mix of different elements that would be appealing to any collector out there.

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