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Majesty In Tampa

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Majesty In Tampa

Thomas Brady. You can never count him out. With another lackluster Tampa performance once again this past week against the Los Angeles Rams, we thought it was over. Nothing on offense was clicking. Drive after drive not being able to complete any drives into the opposing team’s pylons. Very average football. Until the end of the fourth quarter with about a minute left.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defense had been holding up Matthew Stafford to only 13 points the whole evening and had allowed Brady one more chance to seal the deal. Brady begins the drive with 54 seconds left hitting his new rookie tight end Cade Otton for a first down. Then his perusal quick “dink and dunks” to Fournette and Miller.

A questionable pass interference call and a game-winning strike to Otton in the endzone keeps Tampa Bay alive for their division race and showed that Brady’s still got it from his New England days where he and Bellicheck used to deflate teams late running their classic 2-minute drill.

Miami did it again, slightly

We got what we expected from the offense, and even more. Tyreek is on track to have a 2,000-yard season as he racked up 143 yards and a touchdown on Sunday helping Miami seal a tight win at Chicago. From missed field goals to poor run defense from Miami, they simply couldn’t stop Justin Fields when he scrambled.

One play above all was a shotgun play call from Chicago that left Fields no option but to take off by his feet with no receivers open on the play. He must’ve run through at least 4 Dolphins players on that sprint reaching the endzone on it as well and basically humiliating the defense of Mike McDaniel’s unit.

Mike McDaniel even yelled at Fields when he ran out on Miami’s sideline throughout the day to “stop doing that, stop running so much”. McDaniel’s dry humor and Tua’s air attack are enough to keep us entertained week by week as this Miami squad is really an enjoyment to see.

In these next coming weeks, with Miami having some difficult obstacles to face in their late-season road stand, the defense ultimately will have to step up or reach out for more secondary talent because to expect 30-plus points out of an offense weekly is a recipe for disappointment.

Kirk Is the Man

A guy you wouldn’t think to be an internet sensation. “Young Kirko” also known by Kirk Cousins when he’s on the field is going viral. After their victory against the Commanders to help them achieve a 7-1 start to the season the team had a celebration to show the world.

We got to see Kirk Cousins on the team’s jet with his shirt off and iced out, to say the least with all those huge pieces of jewelry he had around his neck. He looked like your son’s favorite rapper.

With him doing a little dance as well led by flashing phone lights from his fellow teammates to route him on in this celebration, this team is confident and skilled, and Kirk Cousins for now is the coolest QB in the NFL.

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