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The Best Current Player in Each Division

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Read this article to see the best player in each division in 2022.

The 2022 Major League Baseball season is now more than halfway over going into late July. The division frontrunners have shown themselves and are going strong.

In this article we will look at every MLB division’s best overall player out of the 2022 season.

AL East: Aaron Judge: Yankees

Center Fielder Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees is the best player in the AL East for the best team in the AL East. Aaron Judge leads the Yankees with 37 home runs and 105 hits overall.

Judge has led the Yankees to the best record not only in the AL East but in the entire league up to this point. Judge also has 81 RBI’s, an on base percentage of .376 and nine stolen bases.

Judge is the frontrunner for the AL MVP award with -110 odds and he has played in 94 out of a possible 97 games.

AL Central: Byron Buxton: Twins

Center fielder Byron Buxton is the star of the AL Central leading Minnesota Twins. Buxton has 23 home runs which is more than all of his previous seasons at this point. Buxton, like Aaron Judge, leads his team in home runs.

Buxton is also second on the team in runs scored. Buxton has a .216 batting average with 43 runs batted in. Buxton is also in the running for the AL MVP award, but has lower chances than Aaron Judge, Buxton odds currently sit at +300.

AL West: Justin Verlander: Astros

Pitcher Justin Veralnder has had a remarkable season at the age of 39. Verlander is one of the CY Young award frontrunners. Verlander is 13-3 so far in the season and has a 1.86 ERA. It’s amazing to think of what Verlander has accomplished this year after being away from the game for so long due to Tommy John surgery.

Veralnder’s 13 wins are also first in the American League. His 1.86 ERA is third in the league. Verlander has thrown over 1700 pitches this season and averages nine strikeouts per game.

NL East: Pete Alonso: Mets

First baseman Pete Alonso is the leader of the NL East leading New York Mets. Alonso has already hit 25 home runs which places him at fifth in the league. Alonso’s best statistic is his league leading RBI’s with 82.

Alonso also competed in this year’s Home Run Derby. He was eliminated in the second round by the Mariners Julio Rodriguez.

NL Central: Nolan Arenado: Cardinals

Third baseman Nolan Arenado has the Cardinals currently in one of the wild card spots in the National League. Arenado has a .296 batting average and 59 runs batted in.

Arenado has hit 18 home runs this season and he is second on the team in home runs. Arenado has 62.80 runs created and a .232 isolated power ranking. Finally Arenado has a .971 fielding percentage.

NL West: Clayton Kershaw: Dodgers

Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw has had many near no-hitters this season and is the team’s best pitcher and has been for quite some time. Kershaw may only have seven wins but his other stats make up for that.

Kershaw has a 2.49 ERA and 81 total strikeouts. He has thrown 1100 pitches and averages nine strikeouts per game.

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