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Some Thoughts on the Lockout and Cancellation of Games

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My thoughts on the baseball lockout…. The owners don’t mind losing games in April and May . They pay out more in salaries than they take in due to cold weather and kids still in school. They will be eyeing June for a beginning. The wrench in that is that most baseball TV contracts require a minimum of 140 games, So they can lose 22 game (about a month’s worth). The owners badly want a postseason as that is money on their pocket. If it gets to June and the players, which don’r get paid for no games, may be persuaded to not settle so owners miss the postseason. It is possible that there is no major league baseball in 2022. As I stated a few days go, I plan to take in more Peoria Chiefs games. It is great entertainment and solid baseball. Buy MiLB-TV this year,



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