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2022 MLB Draft- Possible Top Pick- Elijah Green

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2022 MLB Draft Prospects- With the draft happening on July 1. 2022. It’s always time to look at the many draft prospects as we can. Although this can change considerably before then with each player having their season upcoming. This is a look at now. Today we look at a player that many feel is the top choice as of late September.


2022 MLB Draft Prospect- Elijah Green is 6-foot-3 and 225 pounds and as very few holes in his game.w He has been labeld as a five tool player from Windermere, Fl and plays for IMG Academy in high school. He has speed that is considered elite and is aided by an exceptional abiltiyarm. Many pecualte he is th best prospect they have seen in several years and his game in the outfield and at the plate an translate well to the major leagues. Green is a Miami University recruit.

In the Area Code Underclass games he went as one of the top players in his Class of 2022.After hitting three home runs and going 4-for-10 in the event. He was THE top player showing the ability to hit the ball to all parts of the field. This was against elite high school pitchers. He is a special talent that many teams would love to build around.

Currently, Baltimore is likely to have the first pick in the 2022 MLB Draft. Elijah is the son of former Steelers Pro Bowl tight end Eric Green. Th Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has this story on Elijah and his son.

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