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Cycling in America has hit a resurgence as many people are getting on their bikes and riding. With the price of gasoline has also caused young and old alike to pedal more/ With this is coming exercise and fitness. Some are thinking of competing in races while others are liking the idea of getting together with other cyclists for some fun together. Either way, we at Cycling Central will be bring to you where some of those events are taking place. All of these are called Gran Fondo events. What is that?

Gran Fondo is an Italian term which loosely translates to “Big Ride”. Gran Fondo’s are mass participation cycling events that have enjoyed incredible popularity in Europe for decades and have become popular in North America, Asia, Australia and increasingly, worldwide.

Cycling Events in the United States – June/July

June 18, 2022

BonkWerx Coaching Cookie Fondo

This takes place in Brewerton, NY. this is the 5th annual event and it is 80 mile ride with some climbing involved to Fairhaven and back. you will turn around at the famous Fly by Night Cookie shop before returning.

The ride also takes you on low traffic roads that are flat and past beautiful farmland to the Lake Ontario shore. Helmets are required.

June 30, 2022

Colorado Park 2 Park– This 100 miles and in difficult terrain with long, steep hills. It is a one day ride from Denver’s City Park to Winter Park Resort. Riders will be awarded trophy’s based on your finishing time compared to our pacesetters time.

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There are several dozen more races available during these summer months. The complete list is here.


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