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ASUN College Basketball Preview

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ASUN College Basketball Preview is the next group we look at for the 2021-2022 hoops season. ASUN formerly was known as the American Sun Conference.

The ASUN made some changes as they added three more teams and divided the conference into to divisions in 2021-2022. 

ASUN College Basketball Rewind

Looking at the standings from last year.

ASUN           OVERALL

Liberty                     11-2                  23-6

Ballarmine              10-3                 14-8

Lipscomb                9-6                   15-12

North Florida         6-6                     8-15

North Alabama         7-8                  13-11

Florida Gulf Coast   4-5                  10-8

Stetson                       7-9                  12-15

Jacksonville              5-9                  11-13

Kennesaw State        2-13                   5-19


ASUN College Basketball Preview 2021-2022

East Division

  1. Liberty- Darius McGhee is as good as it gets with  15.5 ppg and 40.8% from 3-point range.
  2. Stetson- Top eight corers return include Ron Perry, Chase Johnston, Christian Jones and Mahamadon Diawara.
  3. North Florida- Cal Hendrickson and his just under 15 points returns. Defense must get better.
  4. Florida Gulf Coast- Backcourt returns Cyrus Largie and Caleb Catto combining for 27 ppg.
  5. Jacksonville- Experience and solid transfers improve this team for first year coach Jordan Mincy.
  6. Kennesaw State- Top seven scorers return,Spencer Rodgers and a transfer from Murray State  may lead.

West Division

  1. Jacksonville State- All five scorers return with with eight in return make the Gamecocks crow loudly.
  2. Eastern Kentucky- Many top transfers and the return of Jomaru Brown vault this team to top.
  3. Lipscomb- The Bisons return Ahsan Asadullah and his 14.1 ppg and sharpshooter Greg Jones.
  4. Bellarmine- Three of top four scorers left the program and now Dylan Penn must step up.
  5. North Alabama- Third year in D1 may surprise some this year as Jamari Blackmon and Payton Youngblood lead.
  6. Central Arkansas- Collin Cooper gets the load and Eddy Kayouloud need help to be competitive.
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ASUN College Basketball Preview Projected All Conference

  • Ahsan Asasdullah     Lipscomb
  • Carter Hendrickson   North Florida
  • Darius McGhee          Liberty
  • Dylan Perry                 Ballarmine
  • Darian Adams            Jacksonville State

Just missed:

  • Jomaru Brown    Eastern Kentucky
  • Rob Perry            Stetson
  • Kevin Samuel       Florida Gulf Coast


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