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“Tim Tebow Through My Eyes A Quarterbacks Journey” by Tim Tebow

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Tom looks at Tim Tebow’s book about growing up in Florida and always being placed as a lineman because he was bigger. He loved being homeschooled as he had time to play.

This is a book that deals with his homeschooling, his faith and his family. In the book he and his brothers were always playing sports and with three boys one of they would have to play quarterback while the other two went one-on-one. They would play until dark or called to go to school or someone got hurt. Which happened.

Tebow talks about his homeschooling and how fantastic it was for his family and the bond that was built between each of them during the process. Then he talks about his battle with dyslexia and then he spoke about how it didn’t restrict them as they participated in all the extra stuff they could.

He tells about he was always better than other kids his age in baseball and the problems it presented and the fear and angst t put into the other parents. Also, Tebow relates how he was relegated to the line in football because he was the best athlete but wanted to play quarterback in the high school sports.

The book is full of encouragement for others as he documents the times he had to fight for what he believed in and how they helped him accomplish his dreams. It is a true inspiration as he relates the story about his mother being pregnant with him and she was told to abort as she would have issues from carrying the baby to term and she refused.

This is a book football fans will love, Christians will enjoy and parents will use to help motivate their own children. This is a book to read for all.

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