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“Courage to Soar-A Body in Motion, A Life in Balance” by Simone Biles

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Tom looks Simone Biles and her book about the sport of gymnastics. She tells how hard it is to be away from home and be a black athlete.

Life is good when you have 19 Olympic medals in which 14 of them are gold. But as Simone Biles tells us it wasn’t always that easy and she had more than a few trial and tribulations to endure along the way.

In “Courage to Soar“, Biles tells us it wasn’t easy when your mother was a drug addict and you and your 3 siblings are taken away. She never had strong feelings for her mother and even states being around her cause a knot in the stomach. But her grandparents came to the rescue after they were sent to foster care. Grandpa wanted them and Grandma needed to wait and pray to God for the answer. It comes that day from a stranger that relates a story about the lady getting a child with disabilities and how it changed her life for the better. Her grandma knew God had sent a message through this stranger to accept the children into her home.

She relates the story of her first trampoline jumps and the excitement that came from it when she got to Spring, Texas to live with her grandparents which she now calls her parents. Then on to Bannon’s Gymnastix where a coach recognized her talent even before anyone coached her.

Simone goes through the process that got her to the Olympics. It is the near misses that she talks about but never wavers on her excitement for the other teammates that are moving on. She talks about setbacks but always maintaining her faith in God.

This book is an inspiring book to read and a definite suggested read for girls to show how determination and hard work led to success.

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