Top 5 Pure Goal Scorers in the NHL

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Breaking down the top pure goal scorers in the NHL, not just on stats but also on natural ability and skill.

The NHL’s top pure goal scorers all have unique traits and abilities that separate them from the rest of the league. This is the breakdown of the five best goal scorers currently playing in the NHL.

1. David Pastrnak

David Pastrnak is currently second in goals this season with 42 trailing only Connor McDavid. However, the reason Pastrnak ranks ahead of McDavid is the natural finishing ability of Pasta.

One way to show the ability of pure goal scoring is if he has more goals than assists and that is true for Pastrnak. It is unfair for players who can also get their teammates involved to punish them in the ranking but the importance of natural finishing ability outweighs that.

Pastrnak is currently playing on a line where his job is to exploit two on ones, and three on two, and be the man to finish off a power play. Not to mention he has one of the quickest releases on his wrist shot in the league, and one timer that can rival Alex Ovechkin.

2. Connor McDavid

You can throw all that was said about having more goals than assists as a measuring point for pure goal scorers because this man is in his own category. We don’t have room in this article to explain the total greatness of McDavid so we’ll just focus on his goal scoring.

McDavid possesses the softest hands in the league with dekes that allow him to finish from in tight, along with the speed to create chances no one else in the league would ever get.

He also has one of the most accurate wrist shots in the league, as proven by his league leading 48 goals in only 60 games so far this year. McDavid has shown this year that if he shoots more he can also win a Rocket Richard trophy and would be my pick to win it this year.

3. Auston Matthews

If Auston Matthews wouldn’t have missed time with a knee sprain he easily would have been number one on this list. Matthews has by far the best wrist shot in the league, with the ability to shoot between defenders legs, off the wrong foot, or from angels that seem impossible.

Matthews release is also by far the quickest in the league allowing him to surprise goalie and score goals that seem like no one else can. Last Year he was the first person since Steven Stamkos to score 60 goals in a season.

A healthy Matthews will for sure see himself at the number one spot next year, however for the time being McDavid and Pastrnak are having better seasons and need to be rewarded.

4. Alex Ovechkin

Missing time due to his fathers death, Alex Ovechkin hasn’t been talked about as much as years in the past but that doesn’t change the fact he is the greatest goal scorer ever. Even though he is past his prime, the guy that is on pace to break Wayne Gretzky’s goal record can’t be left off of this list.

Ovechkin has 9 career rocket richard trophies which is absolutely insane. He also had a 50 goal season last year at the age of 36. The great eight also passed 800 career goals this season which made him only the third person in the history of the NHL to achieve.

This article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Ovechkin’s one-timer. The greatest one-timer of all time has carved a spot on the ice that is owned by Oveckin. The left circle is owned by Oveckin where he can be seen just waiting for the pass and unloading the hardest and most accurate one-timer the game has ever seen.

5. Leon Draisaitl

Mentioned earlier the ability McDavid has at setting up his teammates is otherworldly and this is the man that can finish his passes better than anyone. Leon Draisaitl has a natural ability to find the soft spot in the defense and the shot to beat any goaltender in the league.

Currently fifth in goals and first in powerplay goals Draisaitl has the skill and stats to back up his selection on this list. Draisaitl also has proven to have one of the games best one-timer which is his main weapon of course on the power play.

Overall, Draisaitl has proven his ability to be one of the games best players regardless of whether McDavid is one his line or not, but when he is you could see a Rocket Richard in his future.

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