Top 5 NFL Offensive Guards of All Time

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A breakdown and list of the greatest NFL offensive guards of all time as a top 10 list.

Offensive guards are one of the most overlooked positions in the NFL, as they protect the quarterback, and have to block some of the best athletes on the field. This list will rank the top 10 offensive guards to ever play the game with respect to their eras.

5. Randall McDaniel

Randall McDaniel was named a first team all pro seven times during his career with five of them being consecutive from 1992-1996. An absolute wall in the passing game, he was one of the greatest pass blocking offensive guards of all time.

McDaniel was a key piece to the 1998 Minnesota Vikings offense that broke the record for most points in a season and came a missed field goal away from making the Super Bowl. Overall, McDaniel was as consistent as offensive guards come and deserves his spot at number five on this list.

4. Larry Allen

Larry Allen was a six time consecutive first team all pro from 1996-2001. Allen was arguably the strongest offensive lineman to ever play the game, and had surprising athleticism for his size.

One of the greatest run blockers of all time, he helped create the greatest offensive line of all time with the 1990s Dallas Cowboys and helped Emmitt Smith break the all-time rushing record.

An 11 time pro bowl, Allen also won Super Bowl XXX with the Dallas Cowboys. Allen also had to move to left tackle during his career and showed he could also be a dominating pass blocker.

3. Bruce Matthews

Bruce Matthews was a master of all five offensive line positions, left tackle, left guards, center, right guard and right tackle. Matthews was a seven time first team all pro, three coming at right guard, three more at left guard, and once at center.

Matthews was a 14 time pro bowler which is the most of any offensive lineman of all time and helped the Tennessee Titans make Super Bowl XXXIV where they came one yard short of tying the Super Bowl.

Matthews played 19 seasons and his longevity is the reason he ranks higher than other players who may have had more dominant primes.

2. Gene Upshaw

Gene Upshaw was a dominating and super athletic offensive guard that helped the Oakland Raiders win two super bowls as he was named a pro bowler seven times during his career.

Upshaw partnered up with Art Shell and Jim Otto to form one of the greatest offensive lines of all time during the 1970s and he was named a first team all pro five times during his career. Shell was one of the greatest tackles ever at downfield blocking using his athleticism and was arguably the greatest pulling guard of all time.

Overall, Shell used his size and athleticism to match with his great awareness to become superior to almost every guard to ever play the game.

1. John Hannah

John Hannah was an absolute freak and is easily the best offensive guard in the history of the NFL. He was a seven time first team all pro and three time second team all pro during the 1980s.

Hannah was dominating in the run game obliterating linebackers on the second level and pulling around the corner. He was also an immovable object in the passing game and in his final season helped the New England Patriots reach the Super Bowl.

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