Can the Carolina Panthers win the NFC South?

We explore the question — can the Carolina Panthers win the NFC South?

The question asked shouldn’t be, “Can the Panthers win the NFC South,” it should simply be, “Can the Panthers win an NFL game?”  

Following twelve weeks of regular season action, the Carolina Panthers are 11-1, and for a second consecutive season, playoff hopes have crumbled inside the Raymond James Stadium. 

Panthers’ Playoff Hopes Crumble 

Just last week, despite holding a 1-10 record, we were discussing the Panthers’ prospects for the postseason. Apologies, because said prospect has now evaporated. 

If the other three NFC South teams were to lose most of their remaining games, the Panthers, at 1-10, had a chance to win the NFC South championship by finding victory in all of their remaining games. The possibility has ceased to exist following the Falcons’ victory over the Jets and the Panthers’ loss to the Buccaneers last weekend. While it was a hilarious scenario to consider, there was still “hope.” 

Some solace can be taken in the fact that the Panthers aren’t alone. The New England Patriots also had their playoff hopes destroyed, and we can only hope that the fan bases of both franchises get their future BetMGM North Carolina bonus code it will be ready early 2024 just on time to back up their team because that’s an ugly win/loss record and a damaged bankroll to add to the current suffering. 

In contrast to the prior year, when the Panthers started their Week 17 battle against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a chance at the NFC South championship with a record of 6-9, this year’s squad entered the season at a dismal 1-10. On Sunday, the 21-18 loss dropped them to 1-11 and mathematically banished them after 13 weeks from postseason contention.

Although Carolina did not enter the 2023 season with the most favorable Super Bowl odds (they were barely regarded as a legitimate threat within their own division), they likely did not anticipate being in this position on December 3, 2023. Unfortunately, an all-star coaching staff, a new quarterback, and a new head coach all contributed to an even worse outcome than the previous season.

However, Mike Evans did manage to accumulate 45 fewer yards on this occasion.

A Change is Needed 

The squad, which has already secured its sixth straight losing season, has now postponed its next possible playoff appearance until at least 2025.

Staying updated on the Panthers’ slim chances of making the playoffs was one of the few sources of happiness for fans last season following the dismissal of Matt Rhule. Without this specific choice, this year’s temporary relationship will struggle to engage supporters throughout defeats.

Let us set aside any jokes.

Doing so is effortless due to the scarcity of comedic material surrounding the Carolina Panthers. This team will continue to perform poorly until it successfully implements a significant transformation. No, it does not matter if the head coach is fired eleven games into his tenure. Even more, a mere replacement is insufficient. The Panthers must reflect on the reasons why they initially believed Reich to be the future and ultimately realized that he was not.

It is imperative that the team, and by this, I mean David Tepper in particular, reflect on who is making and who else is exerting influence over the organization’s highest-level decisions. Subsequently, he will be required to implement or recruit personnel to implement changes to virtually every facet of this organization’s operations. Predict that until then, the outcomes of each season will remain constant, irrespective of the number of surface-level adjustments implemented.

What Now? 

Like the Patriots, the Panthers have endured an offensive struggle throughout the season. In contrast to New England, Carolina, on the other hand, continues to invest heavily and visibly in its rookie quarterback. 

Aiming for 2024 to be Bryce Young’s breakthrough season, the Panthers should devote the remainder of the season to bolstering his confidence and efficiency. Carolina may also attempt to use its remaining games against all three NFC South opponents as spoiler material.

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