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Only the best of the best MMA fighters have the opportunity to be paid the most in the sport, so who are they?

The mixed martial arts sport has taken the world by storm. The UFC has recently made its way to international waters and is highly requested on pay-per-view. fighters put their life on the line every time they walk into the ring, and these top 3 UFC fighters are subsequently compensated greatly.

The current market of the UFC is not easily accessible for young fighters as it may take years to earn an opportunity at a high-paying fight. Many fighter’s salaries are usually unpredictable, and they must wait for a big-time fight for a good payout. In the current economy with e-commerce and social media being so prevalent, these fighters who have secured big-time deals with over $1 million in payouts have paved the way for future fighters. Giving hope to up-and-coming amateur fighters.

Andrei Arlovski

Andrei Arlovski is a professional UFC fighter from Belarusian who has amassed a salary of $10 million. The UFC heavyweight champion has built a long resume during his time in the UFC. With the most wins in UFC heavyweight history this veteran of the sport has secured multiple fights well worth over $100,000. Andrew Arlovski’s last bout being in UFC 271 was worth $366,000. The previous several fights big around the same amount with an average of $350,000. This martial artist has figured out the secrets to a successful career.

Habib Nurmagomedov

The next fighter on this list has been a star in the UFC and has become one of the top paid fighters in the sport. Habib Nurmagomedov is a Russian MMA fighter who has a record of 29-0 in his MMA career. Much like I stated earlier Khabib didn’t make most of his earnings until later in his career. Khabib has a salary of $14 million. The majority of his salary came from the huge fight between Khabib and Conner McGregor.

This fight was intensely promoted and produced high payouts as fans insisted on a rematch of these two fighters multiple times. Khabib holds the title of the longest-running champion as he held the UFC light heavyweight title from April 2018 to March 2021. His Salary depicts his outstanding career.

Conor McGregor

The last fighter on this list was the face of the UFC for a time. Having the Largest salary of over $25 million. Conor McGregor is the highest-paid UFC fighter. This talented MMA fighter has created an infectious personality and his fans love him. Representing Ireland this fighter has taken social media by storm and building most of his salary from his fight with legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather and with number 2 on this list Khabib. Pairing these big-time fights with McGregor’s sponsorships lands him at the top spot.

The salaries of these fighters prove there is a high demand for the sport of MMA. With high risk comes great reward and these fighters are proof of that. I have hope that in the future amateurs in the sport can make a reasonable wage as they wait for their opportunity at a shot for a high payout fight.

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