Top 10 NFL Wide Receivers of All Time

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A breakdown and list of the greatest NFL Wide Receivers of all time as a top 10 list. Who will round out the list at the number one spot?

The Wide Receiver position has been transformed and revolutionized more than any other position in the history of the NFL, and this list will rank the top 10 to ever play the game with respect to their eras.

10. Steve Largent

Steve Largent was one of the greatest route runners of all time and possessed some of the savviest moves the position has ever seen. When Largent retired he was the NFLs all time leader in receiving yards and touchdowns, and still ranks 9th all time in touchdowns.

He had eight 1,000 yard seasons and led the league in receiving twice, doing so with very below average quarterbacks for most of his career. Largent wasn’t the fastest, or the strongest, but he simply knew how to get open and make plays.

Largent’s longevity is why he cracks the top 10 as he only was a first team all pro once, but he still had to compete with some of the game’s greatest receivers ever for that honor during his era.

9. Julio Jones

If you were to make a receiver in a lab the result would most likely be Julio Jones, standing 6 foot 3 inches tall and weighing around 220, while still possessing 4.4 speed, Jones was a robot on the field.

When you add in his agility and lateral movement that could still make him one of the best route runners ever for his size you get the results that he had, when he dominated the league during the 2010s.

Jones is currently 16th all time in receiving yards, and had seven 1,000 yard seasons and led the league in yards twice, and receptions once. Julio was the complete package and had no weakness to his game.

8. Raymond Berry

A selection that will upset many, but Raymond Berry may have had the best hands and sideline awareness of any receiver ever, except the guy that ranks one spot ahead of him. Berry was the go-to man for Johnny Unitas during the Baltimore Colts dynasty.

He was selected as first team all pro three times during his career and twice finished top five in MVP voting. He led the league in yards three times, receptions three times, and touchdowns twice.

Be was famously known for his out routes to the sideline that Unitas would throw just outside the line while he would miraculously bring the ball in while keeping his feet in.

7. Cris Carter

Cris Carter is the only man on this list that had better hands and boundary awareness than Berry. Carter was the greatest possession wide receiver of all time with his uncanny ability to extend drives on third down and always be a threat in the red zone.

As his former coach, Buddy Ryan, once said, all he does is catch touchdowns. Carter led the league in receiving touchdowns three times and ranks fourth all time with 130 career receiving touchdowns.

Carter also had eight consecutive 1,000 yard seasons and once held the NFL record with 122 receptions in a season. Carter also has one of the most insane highlight reels with his one handed catches during his career.

6. Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens is another freak athlete that ranks on this list, standing 6 foot 3 inches tall, weighing close to 230 pounds and running a 4.4 40 yard dash. Owens is the only wide receiver to be selected a first team all pro three times with three different quarterbacks.

Owens is third all time in career receiving yards and third all time in receiving touchdowns. Owens had nine 1,000 yard seasons, and led the league in touchdowns three times during his career.

Owens might also be the best yards after the catch wide receiver ever in NFL history as he dominated smaller cornerbacks and safeties once he caught the ball.

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