Best Fights in UFC History

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The UFC has seen some insane matches. Read the article to learn about the best fights in UFC history.

The sport of MMA is ever-growing and they are constantly promoting new fights and athletes who during the ranks and the divisions some fights will never be forgotten by fans and will go down in UFC history as the best fights ever John Jones versus Alexander Gustafsson is one of those fights.

Light heavyweight champion John Jones was practically untouchable heading into his UFC 165 fight against Alexander Gustafsson. John Jones recently came off of victories and defeated the shogun with relative ease.

Nobody believes that Alexander had a chance of beating John Jones for the light heavyweight title. Gustafsson gave the champ all he had and forced him to his limit. This was John Jones’s most hard-fought battle since.

Alexander pushed John Jones 5 rounds even was recognized as the first fighter to bring John Jones down to the ground but sadly we lost by controversial decision causing John Jones to remain on to his light heavyweight title.

This fight was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame where they highlight and recognize legendary fights and cement them in history. UFC 165 hosted the UFC light heavyweight Championship fight which ended up being the fight of the year for 2013.

Israel Adesanya vs Kelvin Gastelum

Israel Adesanya vs Kelvin Gastelum reigns as one of the best fights in UFC history. With a little hype and expectation surrounding this fight as Israel Adesanya was dominating the division, nobody expected Kelvin to put up as much as a fight as he did. With the interim middleweight championship on the line, this was supposed to be an ordinary grappler versus striker, but MMA fans were greatly surprised after they received the fight of the year in 2019.

This fight was an all-out war as both fighters threw heavy strikes creating a bloody canvas and going the distance as both fighters went to round five ending in a decision. The judges voted Israel the winner but in the eyes of MMA lovers, The fans were the true winners that night. Both men were bloodied and bruised and put their life on the line that night ear a top spot and best at MMA fights ever.

Most viewed Fight in UFC History

Conor McGregor took the UFC by storm and built a huge fan base and dominated the league. With one of the most-watched and viewed fights in history, Conor McGregor secured a top spot in one of the best fights in UFC history. McGregor versus Nate Diaz is a fight that will forever go down in history. Both fighters met at UFC 202 and proved that their striking ability and stamina were no joke.

This was a rematch belt as Nate Diaz deliver Conor McGregor his first loss in the UFC, but McGregor was able to get the W and beat Na Diaz in the rematch fight ultimately gaining his revenge. Bullfighters work crimson red after the fight and gave the fans everything that they could ask for being one of the best fights in UFC history.

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