Top 10 College Basketball Rivalries

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There is nothing better than good college basketball rivalries. Rodney takes a look at the top 10 college hoops rivalries out there today.

One of the best parts about the NCAA Basketball season is seeing long time rivalry games. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 College Basketball rivalries:

1) Duke – North Carolina

Two games each season. Maybe a third game in the conference tournament, and two programs that usually go very deep in the NCAA Tournament. Just a few miles apart. Blue against Blue. Dead heat in matchups the last several seasons. There is no question this is the greatest college basketball rivalry.

2) Louisville – Kentucky

Currently, a game where you will see John Calipari and Rick Pitino in the same game was a nice touch but now with Pitino fired, that may lose some of its luster . Two of the games biggest slimeba…. Nevermind, two of the best coaches in the game. State of Kentucky battle, and both programs have been there and done that on the national picture.

3) Kansas – Kansas State

The Jayhawks have owned this matchup over the last few seasons, but overall when these two teams get together, there is quite the ball. Remember the years when Bob Huggins was at Kansas State? Ah, those were the days. Although, the Bill Self v. Bruce Weber matchup is quite fun.

4) Florida – Kentucky

Definitely the best matchup out of the SEC. This really was headed during the days of Billy Donovan at Florida. John Calipari at Kentucky has put together some of the best rosters in all of college basketball.

5) UCLA – Arizona

The best two basketball programs in the Pac-12. The Bruins were down for several seasons, but now have some of the best players in the country on their roster. Arizona has not gone anywhere, and remain a threat with Sean Miller.

6) Georgetown – Villanova

This rivalry really needs the Hoyas to be the Hoyas of old. Now, this rivalry sees a team that is among the national title contenders year after year. This rivalry has some great history.

7) Michigan – Ohio State

Think this is a much better football rivalry, but come on – these two Big Ten teams dislike each other. Typically, both teams are fighting for tournament prowess. John Beilein is an uber-competitive head coach.

8) Oklahoma – Oklahoma State

Otherwise known as Bedlam. These two teams also play twice a year out of the Big 12. The Sooners have been near the top of the rankings in seasons past, and the Cowboys are a program that’s certainly been up and down. But, put the records aside in this one.

9) UNLV – New Mexico

Out of the Mountain West, these two tams have shown some competitive fire in the basketball circuit.

10) Gonzaga – Saint Mary’s

Always two of the top teams out West each season. These two have been the monster of the West Coast Conference for over a decade now.

BONUS: Florida-Florida State

There is a look at our top 10 college basketball rivalries. Enjoy the games!

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