Best March Madness Contests & Brackets for 2024

Best March Madness Contests

Check out our complete listing of March Madness Contests, Brackets and Promotions. We list free contests, pay contests, promotions and more surrounding college basketballs biggest event — MARCH MADNESS!

Check out our complete listing of the best March Madness Contests & Brackets for the 2024 NCAA Tournament. We list free contests, pay contests, promotions, and more!

We do the dirty work for you. Scouring the internet for all of the March Madness bracket contests takes time and effort — bookmark our NCAA Tournament Contests page here as we update it each March Madness season.

Best Free March Madness Contests

As the excitement builds for March Madness, many fans seek the thrill of competition without opening their wallets. Fortunately, several platforms offer free bracket contests that provide ample excitement without any financial commitment. Websites like ESPN, CBS Sports, and Yahoo Sports consistently host some of the most popular free bracket challenges.

These contests typically allow participants to fill out brackets predicting the outcomes of each game in the tournament, competing against friends, family, and other fans for bragging rights and sometimes even prizes. Additionally, we run our own free contest!

Will be back in 2025!

Here are some other free March Madness contests for you to join:

  • DraftKings March Mania Survivor Pool
  • ESPN Free Bracket Challenge
  • NCAA‘s Official Bracket Contest
  • Wingstop Bracket Challenge
  • CBS Sports Bracket Challenge
  • DraftKings Free Bracket Contest (win up to $5K!)
  • Yahoo! Bracket Madness (win up to $25k!)
  • Vivid Seats Better Bracket In-App Challenge — You can play the FREE in-app Better Bracket Challenge by downloading the mobile app for a chance at part of over $10k in prizes + a $750 Vivid Seats gift card awarded every round of the tournament.

Everyone knows their bracket has the chance to be completely busted by the end of the first two days. Creating multiple brackets ensures you’re in the thick of the hunt until the Final Four. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to join the Knup Sports contest and then head to our other best March Madness contests.

Best March Madness Contests for Money

March Madness contests with cash prizes present an enticing opportunity for those looking to up the ante and profit from their basketball acumen. All legal online sportsbooks and gaming platforms organize bracket challenges with entry fees and lucrative payouts for top performers.

These contests often incorporate various formats, such as survivor pools, where participants must pick one winning team each round without repeating their selections, or traditional brackets, where points accumulate based on correct predictions. These competitions add an extra layer of excitement to the tournament as participants seek out a perfect bracket.

The prize money you can snag in bracket contests can vary depending on how much cash is in the pot, how many folks are competing, and how prizes are divided up. In some smaller contests, only the big winner gets paid out, a setup called “winner-takes-all.” Sure, the champ takes home a sweet chunk of change, but with stiff competition, most folks end up with zilch.

In bigger contests, though, more people get a piece of the pie, thanks to larger prize pools. But it’s a tougher crowd, so landing in the top spots isn’t a cakewalk. Smaller contests might not have as much cash up for grabs, but you stand a better chance of scoring well against fewer opponents.

Buying into a pool or contest brings a little more skin to the game. Offshore sports betting companies have special offerings in this market due to the restrictions US-based sportsbooks have to deal with. But these are reputable sites that have existed for many years, and proven to earn the trust of the sports betting community.

2024 March Madness Bracket Contests

The cornerstone of March Madness festivities is undoubtedly the bracket contest. These contests revolve around predicting the outcome of every game in the tournament, from the initial First Four matchups to the championship showdown.

Entering bracket contests requires less effort and offers greater convenience than betting on individual games. Plus, if you opt for a paid-entry bracket contest, you only have to risk your money once. The potential payout can be tempting. However, these contests are challenging to win and often have a vibe similar to buying a lottery ticket.

While the standard bracket challenge involves picking winners for each game, some contests introduce additional elements, such as bonus points for correctly predicting upsets or selecting the final score of the championship game. Bracket contests come in various forms, catering to different preferences and levels of expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned analyst or a casual fan, there’s a bracket contest out there tailored to your taste.

Want to win a bunch of meat sticks? There’s a challenge for that. If you’re after sweet cash rewards, there are a ton of opportunities as well. The March Madness bracket contests are a good way to mix up your involvement and not have all of your eggs in the same basket.

One of the best March Madness contests this season is the BetDSI 1,000,000 bracket challenge.
BetDSI is offering a free bracket entry to their massive $1,000,000 March Madness contest!

March Madness Bracket Betting Contests

Besides the Super Bowl, March Madness is one of the most popular sports betting events. Along with that, sportsbooks often compete with each other to offer the best March Madness contests for the NCAA tournament.

Bracket betting contests integrate the excitement of matchup predictions with the adrenaline rush of sports betting, allowing participants to put their money where their brackets are. Bracket betting contests include traditional bracket pools, where participants wager on the outcome of their brackets, and more complex formats, such as survivor pools or pick’em contests.

Betting on games one by one means putting in more effort and risking more cash on a regular basis. But hey, it’s usually easier to get one game right than to nail your whole bracket or even a big chunk of it. And if your bracket goes belly-up, it doesn’t mean you’re out of things to root for.

The top sportsbooks even offer live betting options, allowing participants to adjust their predictions as the tournament unfolds. However, it’s essential to approach bracket betting contests responsibly and be mindful of the risks associated with gambling.

  • DraftKings $30,000 March Madness Survivor Pool
  • $50K Corona Bracket Beach Challenge
  • FanDuel $5k Bracket Pick’Em
  • DraftKings $20K Second Chance Bracket (Begins in the Sweet 16)
  • DraftKings $20k KFC Second Chance Survivor (Begins in the Sweet 16)

The March Madness bracket betting contests aren’t in high supply as most users opt for individual game wagers instead. However, you’ll get a second life in the Sweet 16 if other contests aren’t quite quenching your thirst. The survivor pool is an especially fun challenge, and you don’t have to worry about things like the point spread.

Good Luck With Your 2024 March Madness Bracket Contests

In conclusion, that’s an all inclusive look at our best March Madness contests for 2024. You will find a plethora of contests to suit every fan’s preferences and level of engagement. Whether you’re looking for a free challenge to test your skills against friends or seeking the adrenaline rush of betting on bracket outcomes, there’s something out there waiting for you. That’s why we listed out the best of the best for you to choose from.

So gather your brackets, rally your friends, and get ready to experience March Madness in style.

PS — don’t forget to join our FREE BRACKET CONTEST here.

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