Top 3 PLL and NFL Comparisons

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The PLL and NFL are two of the highest-contact leagues in the world. Tommy Burch compares their players and gives his best examples.

The PLL and NFL are two of the highest-contact leagues in the world. Tommy Burch compares their players and gives his best examples.

Top 3 PLL and NFL Comparisons

Last week, I wrote an article comparing the PLL to the NBA. With the diversity of playstyle and ability being the core of my argument, it was safe to assume that those traits would carry to other sports.

Considered the second powerhouse sport in the United States, football garners millions of viewers every weekend. They boast one of the most watched television broadcasts in the world with the Super Bowl, and the fans are ride or die.

Being one of the most popular leagues, you must have some of the best athletes in the world. With football being such a high-impact sport, players must be strong, fast, and explosive. Those words also apply to Lacrosse players. Some PLL players actually resemble NFL players, and this list will pick the top 4 PLL and NFL comparisons.

Myles Jones – Derrick Henry

The proclaimed king of football Derrick Henry is most known for his stature and unbelievable strength. He is tall and heavy for his position but still happens to be one of the faster players on the field. Jones and Henry are one and the same.

Jones is actually larger than Henry, being 6’3” and 260 lbs to Henry’s 6’3” and 247 lbs. However, he plays midfield, and he runs up and down the field with more finesse than some of the smaller players. They both have the strength and power to run someone over, and it makes me wonder is Jones should be considered the king of Lacrosse.

Connor Farrell – George Kittle

Appearances go a long way, with both players having beautiful locks of blonde hair. However, their styles of play and personalities mesh fairly well.

Both are considered physical specimens, dominating their opponent with pure strength and aggression. They have a competitive spirit, which brings them together. However, they also seem like they would be great friends, as their personalities off the field parallel. They are both hilarious, making jokes and smiling as much as they can when the games are over.

Nakeie Montgomery – Tyreek Hill

Montgomery is one of the faster players in the PLL, and he has a background in football. A two-sport athlete at Duke, he played running back and ran a 4.46 forty-yard dash on his pro day. Although his speed is incomparable to Hill who is reported to run under a 4.2, it is quite impressive.

Hill is known for his innate route running ability, using his feet and speed to find open space. Montgomery has a similar skillset while being a couple years behind Hill. He reminds me of a young Cheetah, who would dominate special teams with his raw talent. As time passes, he will only get better and may surprise us all.

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