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Best Baseball Resources for Analytics

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Baseball Resources- Looking for more information all the time during baseball season? Let me convey some of the places I find helpful when looking for statistics.

Baseball Resources for Analytics


Ultimate site. Your first stop. Stats galore are found here. Looking for something in particular? Baseball Reference is the place to start

Baseball Prospectus

This site has tons of statistical data at your fingertips. They also provide analysis, tools and many resources.


It is home to an enormous amount of statistical data and it is not just current baseball bur data throughout he history of major league baseball. This is my second stop.


I love this site for box scores of games throughout history. I can find major leagues debuts and so much more. it features play-by-play information , game logs and schedules. Greatdata files here.

Brooks Baseball

Looking for pitching information? This is the place.  You can discover pitch tracking along with pitcher cards for each hurlers that gives detailed information on any pitching performance. Be sure to use the PITCHf/x tool.

Cot’s Baseball Contracts

Also hosted at Baseball Prospectus, this website tracks MLB player contracts. You can find the length and dollar amounts and service time including team payroll. Best site for this information.

Baseball Savant

A large number of feature here. Particularly useful for the starting pitchers of the day information.

The Hall of Stats

This resource uses data pulled from other sources to create a Hall of Fame rating and the worthiness of that player today and back in history.

Beyond the Box Score

Loaded with articles on baseball analytics, sabermetrics and other baseball topics.

Tangotiger Blog

Sabermetricians know Tom Tango and this is his blog . It features his thoughts on the state of analytical baseball and his musings on other topics.

Baseball Spotlight

New emerging website with topics of many genres.

Baseball Almanac

Baseball Almanac is an interactive baseball encyclopedia filled with 500,000+ pages of in-depth baseball facts, original baseball research and baseball statistics not found anywhere else.

Baseball Musings

You can find Lineup Analysis, Beat the Streak, Day by Day Database,. Hit Streaks and Fantasy baseball here.
Tool for Analytics

Play Index

This is hosted by Baseball Reference and it now called Stathead Baseball.They coin this phrase about their website-

any player, any team, any season, any game, any play.

ESPN’s Home Run Tracker

Nothing unusual here it is hat the title calls it.

MLBTR Transaction Tracker

also known as  MLB Trade Rumors. Find daily stories on all of the rumors.

Society of Baseball Research

Lots of free stuff here. Join this site and you can get free e-books year round. Great history here.

Sky Kalkman’s Trade Value Calculator (Beyond the Box Score)

Hosted by Beyond the Box Score it it as advertised.

Derek Carty’s Simple xBABIP Calculator

Want to delve into xBABIP? Go here.


Gameday Weather

Other References

The FanGraphs Library (FanGraphs)

THT Glossary (The Hardball Times)

Sports Info Solutions-  Collect, Analyze, and Disseminate Sports Statistics & Analytics

Roster Resource

MLB Park Factors 



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