Is Jim Boeheim One of the Greatest College Coaches Ever?

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Legendary Coach Jim Boeheim announced that he would retire after Syracuse’s ACC tournament loss. Find out what makes his 47 year long career so special!

After Syracuse lost to Wake Forest yesterday, long-term coach Jim Boeheim announced that he intends to retire. After 47 long years of coaching, Boeheim has established one of the greatest careers for a coach in sports.

Boeheim’s long list of accomplishments includes: winning the 2003 March Madness, winning the second most games in College Basketball history, and the second-longest career for a College Basketball coach.

On top of his lengthy resume, Jim Boeheim had the opportunity to coach both of his sons in recent years.

Syracuse Career

Jim Boeheim has been with Syracuse for over 60 years. Before becoming a Coach, he played for Syracuse and eventually worked to become an Assistant Coach. In 1976, Boeheim was promoted to Head Coach. He has spent his entire adult life as part of the Syracuse Basketball program in some form.

Boeheim has also worked as an Assistant Coach to the USA Men’s Basketball team. He was a part of the teams that won the Gold medal in 2008, 2012, and 2016. Under Coach K’s coaching staff, he was instrumental in helping revive USA Basketball.

Syracuse was originally one of the first BIG East teams. It was during the 1980s that Boeheim and Syracuse helped grow the viewership of College Basketball. He was part of the first-ever Big East Tournament and had great rivalries with schools like Georgetown, St John’s, and Villanova.

Syracuse won 5 BIG East titles during this time and had plenty of star players grow through the program.

His run to win the 2003 March Madness was one of the best stories in College sports. Then Freshman Carmelo Anthony, rose to stardom to help lead the way to Boeheim’s first and only title win.

Boeheim is responsible for being a component of how College Basketball changed forever. After being one of the most prominent BIG East teams, Syracuse joined the ACC Conference in 2013.

The program at Syracuse has not had the best of years. After a few years of struggling and weaker recruiting classes, the program is in need of changes.


After announcing his retirement, Syracuse will make Associate coach Adrian Autry the new head coach. Autry was a former player for Syracuse and has been part of the coaching staff since 2011.

Thanks to Jim Boeheim, Syracuse has been one of the more known programs in College Basketball. He will most definitely go down as one of the greatest and most experienced coaches in all of sports. His successful tenure at Cuse will leave an amazing legacy behind.

His unique accomplishments, including coaching his sons, will forever be remembered and valued.

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