The UFC Heaviest Hitter 

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The UFC’s heaviest Hitter is currently securing his legacy as being the best heavyweight in UFC history. Whether it’s a street fight or being a boxing ring, throwing a punch is a natural movement of the human body when it is in combat. However, not every human comes equipped with the same punch when it comes to strength. There are numerous factors when it comes to how powerful a punch can be thrown. A big portion of how hard you hit is determined by the muscle, bone, and ligament structures. 

The greater the momentum, the greater the potential for your punch to be effective. For current heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, how strong can a punch be thrown is an understatement. Francis is 35 years of age Cameroonian professional mixed martial artist. Standing at the height of 6’4 and weighing in at 257 pounds. His record is 17-3, with 12 of his wins coming from TKO and four from submission. 

Francis Ngannou Early On

Ngannou has been knocking people out since his debut in December 2015. UFC on fox 17 had one of the best main cards. This is where Francis knocked out Luis Henrique with a clean uppercut to the jaw. This was Ngannous’s first knockout kicking off his dominance in the UFC heavyweight division.

The PSI of the average person is significantly lower than that of boxers and martial artists, who undergo extensive training and fitness to increase the power of their strikes. Most people’s punching power ranges between 60 and 170 PSI. The strongest recorded punch is held by Francis. In 2019 Francis Ngannou displayed his punching power in the UFC performance institute, where he created the world record for the hardest punch ever measured at an outraging 129,161 units. 

Heavy Hitter 

The speed power of his punch was recorded at 51,064, which is the equivalent of 96 horsepower and is more powerful than a 12-pound sledgehammer being swung full force from overhead. It is a fact that nobody wants to be in front of the power amassed behind Francis Punch.

Ngannou’s last fight was against Ciryl Gane back In January on the 22nd. Francis successfully retained his belt and beat Gane by decision in round 5. After the fight, Ngannou spoke to the press and shed light on his physical health. It turns out that he had suffered a knee injury that managed to tear his MCL and injured his ACL as well. This was Francis’s toughest bout, and fans can only wonder what is next for the future of the champ. 

Ngannou has been called out by Tyson’s fury, and this is a fight the world would want to watch. It is clear that Francis is extremely versatile and has heavy hands. Known for his huge knockouts going up against this boxing champion Tyson Fury I’m excited to see the outcome. This would have to happen after Francis can recover from his knee injury, but this fight would be a highly anticipated one. I believe when Francis is healthy, he is one of the most dangerous men on the planet. 


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