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Madden 22 Ratings | Rookie QBs Predictions

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The next iteration of NFL’s digital edition is just around the corner, and we’re here to provide you guys with our predictions for rookie QBs Madden 22 ratings!

Madden 22 will be released in just two months, and one of the biggest reasons for players buying the new version on a yearly basis is the new rookie players that are added. It is hard for a rookie quarterback to come into the NFL and have a huge impact on their team right away, but this is one of the most QB-heavy draft classes we have seen in a while.

That said, join us as we guide you through the rookie QBs Madden 22 ratings predictions!

Trevor Lawrence (1st Pick)

Trevor Lawrence is one of the most talented quarterbacks we have ever seen play college football. Trevor never lost a regular-season game in which he started throughout both his high school and college career.

Last year number one overall pick Joe Burrow was rated just a 76. I think as far as attributes Lawrence is going to be on a higher tier than Burrow.

Trevor had a 65.8% completion rating in 2019 and threw 36 TDs to just 8 INTs. I think his accuracy ratings are going to be higher than Burrow. His arm strength is amazing and he is also mobile.

I think the hype over Lawrence and the fact that he has proven to be a once-in-a-lifetime talent will drive his overall rating high as far as rookies go.

My Rating Prediction: 81 OVR

Zach Wilson (2nd Pick)

Zach Wilson is going to be interesting as far as attributes go. Zach is somewhat mobile, but did not run as much as a guy like Justin Fields in college. Wilson also decided to not run the 40 yard dash because of a hamstring tweak which may hamper his speed.

Wilson showed out at his pro day. He made a few throws that had people wondering if he was a magician. Wilson threw an off balance pass 50 yards down the field. The pass was accurate and he was on the run. This is definitely going to boost his arm strength, long pass accuracy, and throw on the run.

Wilson is somewhat comparable to Tua who was rated a 73. They both have strong arms and can run when need be. I think he is a step up from Tua skillswise and I think his talented arm will reflect in his overall rating.

My Rating Prediction: 76 OVR

Trey Lance (3rd Pick)

Trey Lance is the big mystery in this draft class. We have limited tape on him, he is coming from an FCS school, and the 49ers traded up to pick him even though many thought he would fall lower in the round.

In 2019 Lance had unreal stats. He threw 28 TDs to no interceptions, and also ran for 1100 yards and 14 TDs. It is going to be interesting to see when Lance plays. Many people are predicting we won’t see him at all this year unless Jimmy Garoppolo really struggles.

Lance has all of the attributes to be a skilled quarterback in the NFL. He has huge arm strength and is one of the most if not the most mobile quarterback in this class.

He does not always stray away from his first read and is not one to stay in the pocket for a long period of time.

I think Lance will get solid ratings from the Madden crew similar to Justin Herbert who was rated a 70 to start last season. I think Lance’s extra mobility will give him a step up on Herbert.

My Prediction: 74 OVR

Justin Fields (11th Pick)

What a pickup this was for the Chicago Bears. The Bears have struggled drafting a quarterback, and have caught lots of heat from their fanbase for it.

Fields is an extremely fast player. He ran a 4.44 forty yard dash at his pro day. His speed and throw on the run stats are going to be off the charts in Madden.

Fields also has a cannon of an arm which will make his arm strength high. Fields accuracy and decision making are two of the main parts of his game that scouts have seen holes with. Fields often finds himself throwing into double coverage or missing an open pass.

Fields is going to have to prove he can throw the ball at a high level before he can get himself to a higher rating.

My Prediction : 70 OVR

Mac Jones (15th Pick)

Mac Jones fell further than many people thought he would. There was speculation he was going to be picked 3rd when the 49ers traded up.

I do not think we will see much of Mac Jones this season. Bill Belichick will want to develop him before throwing him into the fire.

Jones is not very mobile and does not have the biggest arm. This will keep his throw on the run and arm strength ratings fairly low.

Mac is a very accurate passer and a great decision maker, the perfect mold for a Belichick offense. I think Mac will hold a similar rating to Jacob Eason. They have some similar attributes, but Jones is definitely a more skilled passer.

My Prediction: 68 OVR

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