Guide to the Top Brawlers in Brawl Stars

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We’ve put together our best guide to the top brawlers in Brawl Stars. We have several monthly updates along with different Brawl Star mode top lists in this article. Enjoy!

Top 10 Brawlers in Power League EVER

This list includes the brawlers that have been consistently good in Brawl Stars game mode “Power League” since its release. They are always the consistent picks in Power League and have been going strong for three straight seasons. I will rank the top 10 brawlers in Power League Ever down below!

The Tenth to the Sixth Best Brawlers for Power League

10. Rico: I have seen Rico played in Power League all the time, and I don’t seem to see why. One of the reasons I believe he is picked all the time is because he is such a high-skill brawler. The damage he outputs with his bouncy shots is unbelievable, and in the hands of a good Rico, he is so dominant down the lane. His best game modes are Brawl Ball and Heist.

9. Barley: Barley seems to always be a great pick in Power League because of his ability to counter almost any brawler he goes against. He is usually taken as the 5th or 6th pick because both of his gadgets and star powers are so versatile. His area control is crucial in Power League, allowing him to dominate. Like Rico, his best game modes are Brawl Ball and Heist.

8. Max: Max is always drafted in Power League because she is a user-friendly brawler. Her super gives her teammates speed, which is game-changing in any team setting. Max also has a great gadget and consistent star powers that have made her a consistent pick in Power League. Her best game-modes are Brawl Ball and Gem Grab.

7. Amber: Amber has always been near the top 15 brawlers in the game, mainly because of her auto-aim mechanic. When someone doesn’t know who to pick in Power League, they usually take Amber. Her damage and area control are perfect in a 3 vs 3 setting, and it makes her such a great pick. Her best game modes are Heist and Hot Zone.

6. Tara: Tara seems to always find a way to be picked in Power League and is one of my personal favorites. Her super is just extremely useful and can save a game at any moment. Her gadget also counters the single-shot brawlers and gives off great pressure. Tara is so dominant and is a consistent pick everywhere. Her best game modes are Brawl Ball and Gem Grab.

The First to Fifth Brawlers That Are Amazing in Power League

5. Tick: Tick is one of the most annoying brawlers in the game, which is why I think he is picked quite often. He has terrific area control and has a gadget and star power that allows him to stay alive for sooo long. Tick has been in the top 20 brawlers for a long time and hasn’t been bad for quite a while. Tick’s best game modes are Hot Zone and Bounty.

4. Gene: Gene is such a powerful brawler and might have the highest pick rate in all of Power League. He has been a near top 5 brawler for at least 3 or 4 months and seems to have very few weaknesses. His super is also game-changing and can be cycled very quickly. His star power is also perfect in team modes. Gene’s best game modes are Brawl Ball and Gem Grab.

3. Sandy: Sandy is such a beast in every game mode and is always picked in Power League. I feel like Sandy is super easy to play and has a wall-peak mechanic that makes him counter many brawlers. Sandy’s super is perfect in all game modes, and he is the third-best brawler in Power League. His best game modes are Seige and Brawl Ball.

2. Belle: These top 2 brawlers have been running Brawl Stars since the release of Power League almost 5 months ago. Belle just has a perfect kit for all game modes, and she has enough damage to counter almost all brawlers. Belle is such a solid brawler and needs another nerf. Her best game-modes are Gem Grab and Seige.

1. Stu: The best brawler in all of Power League is certainly Stu. Stu hasn’t been outside of the top 10 brawlers since his release, which also happened to be the release of Power League. Stu has little to no counters because of his dash away and has been destroying opposing comps. His best game modes are Brawl Ball and Hot Zone but is usable in every game mode.

Final Thoughts

All of these brawlers either are super easy to play or have a high-skill cap that can be uncounterable with the right player. Almost all of these brawlers have great supers, which seems to be important for Power League. This list also means that each and every one of these brawlers have been good for at least 5 months and probably needs a nerf of some kind.

Top 10 DUO SHOWDOWN Brawlers in Brawl Stars

I personally have always been a fan of duo showdown in Brawl Stars. The fact that you can respawn and you’re completely invulnerable for around 3 seconds can make some crazy plays. With that being said, I will list the top 10 duo showdown brawlers in Brawl Stars currently.

This list will mainly take into account trophy ranges 500-800, which is where all of my brawlers currently stand. Also, the map rotation changes every day, so there are certain brawlers better on certain maps. This is an overall list. Duo showdown is a lot of fun, and if you play with the right brawlers, you can definitely earn lots of trophies!

Showdown Brawlers You Can Always Rely On Because of Their Teamwork (6-10)

10. Surge: Surge is an amazing showdown brawler overall and can put in work in duos. Once Surge builds up his super to get the range, he may be the single best brawler in the game. Plus, when he hits his opponents, his bullets will ricochet and potentially hit another brawler. Surge is a beast in duo showdown.

9. Colonel Ruffs: Colonel Ruffs is also very good in duos mainly because of his star power that adds 30 health to his teammate per second. If you’re able to stick next to each other the entire game, your health will increase substantially with this star power. Ruffs also has his super that gives his teammate a boost in health and damage. Such a menace in duo showdown!

8. Byron: Byron is so valuable in any team mode, and it is no different in duo showdown. His shot ability to heal his teammate for an insane amount of damage allows his team to do work. Byron is such a great hybrid brawler and has all of the mechanics to destroy opposing teams.

7. Gene: Gene does a fantastic job of chipping down opponents, not allowing them to heal. His split shot can tag brawlers from deep range, which is amazing in duos. Also, his super can pull a brawler into Gene’s teammate, which basically confirms a kill. Also, his star power can heal his teammate for 400 per second. Gene is so good in duos.

6. Max: Max is a great brawler because her super can make any brawler better at any time. The speed allows for dodging abilities and also being able to run away or push into teams. Max’s damage is consistent, and she is so versatile on every map.

Brawlers That Destroy In Duo Showdown (1-5)

5. Belle: Belle has been absolutely incredible even since she’s been released. Her mechanic that bounces shots between each other is so deadly and can destroy opposing duos. She has one of the longest ranges in the game. And she is able to snipe opponents across the map for a crazy amount of damage.

4. Stu: Stu is so amazing because of his ability to super out in any situation. He can get one hit and then dash towards or away from a brawler and is extremely mobile. Stu dominates against duos because he is able to kill one brawler, escape, kill, escape, etc.

3. Edgar: Edgar has been a showdown MONSTER ever since he was released. He can jump on almost any brawler and destroy them with his serious damage and healing ability. Edgar’s gadget allows him to get his super so quick and continue to jump on opponents to gain power cubes. Edgar is amazing in duo showdown and is so devastating with his damage.

2. Crow: Crow is second on this list because of his annoying mechanics. He can toxin his opponents and stop their ability to heal, which is fantastic in duo showdown. His gadget Slowing Toxin is able to slow opponents for 5 seconds which is also completely broken. Crow also has the game-changing super where he can escape or play aggressively any time.

1. Leon: Leon has been strong in the showdown meta for so long. His ability to go invisible and sneak attack on anyone will give his team an extra boost in power cubes every time. He has enough range to chip brawlers down as well, which is important in duos. His gadget is great for scouting, and both star powers are extremely viable in duo showdown.

Top Brawlers In Brawl Stars – August 2022

10. Gene: Gene has also reappeared into the top 10 because of his insane support. Gene’s knockback gadget and Magic Puffs star power are essential to him being good and have helped him be so successful.

He also has consistent damage that can counter snipers and a ton of upfront damage to hurt the tanks. Gene is such a solid brawler right now.

9. Ruffs: Ruffs seems to never be bad and is always in and around the top 10. Both of his gadgets are usable, and his gadget that breaks walls is so crucial.

He has one of the best total kits in the game and makes his teammates better throughout the game. Ruffs is one of the best support brawlers in the game, and that won’t change any time soon.

8. Penny: Penny is still solid after the balance changes a few months ago. She has her newest gadget and star power that counter tanks, and the splash damage for her main shot is more consistent.

Her turret continues to be one of the best things about her, and it is almost like a 4th player on the team. Penny is such a good brawler right now.

7. Bea: Bea is surprisingly strong in this very tanky meta. His output damage with the damaged gear is hard to stop and has been the main reason he’s so good.

He also has a great gadget that slows an area around him. Bea is very solid and is a great pick to add to your lineup.

6. Poco: Poco just ran the meta last month and is still very dominant. His super continues to change the game with Screeching Solo and the massive amount of healing.

Poco also has a ton of damage at max level and can hold his own in a 1 vs. 1. Play Poco before he gets nerfed!

5. Griff: Griff has gotten over the hump of being an average brawler as well, as players have understood how much damage he can deal. He cycles his super so well and obliterates the opposition.

He has a solid gadget that breaks up the map, and his second-star power has emerged as the superior one, as he gains a percentage of health passively.

4. Max: Max has gotten a nice comeback into the meta, as he was very average for the last few months. Her speed counters lots of sharpshooters atop the rankings right now.

She is the ultimate combination brawler and can fit in with almost every brawler in the game. Plus, her damage deletes opposing brawlers in the right player’s hands.

3. Bonnie: Bonnie continues to destroy the competition as a tank and sniper combined. Her ability to counter almost every brawler is why she continues to stay atop the rankings.

Even with nerfs to her health, she’s still extremely tanky in her main form and deals a respectable amount of damange. And when she jumps on weaker opponents, her Clyde form disintegrates most brawlers.

2. Otis: Otis has gone from one of the worst brawlers in Brawl Stars to arguably the second-best. He’s gotten buffs to his super and damage rate.

His star power is arguably the best thing about him as well, as it adds another bullet to his shot that gives his damage a major buff.

1. Janet: Janet is still the best brawler in the game with her dominant gadget that takes away 100 health per second in a large area.

Her damage continues to be top-tier, and the star power that allows her to charge up her shot 30% faster is lethal in the hands of a skilled player.

Best Brawlers in Brawl Stars (Sep 21)

Brawl Stars is a game where the characters change how good they are all the time. The balance changes keep the game so fresh and are a big part of why I continue to play. This meta has changed a good amount, with the likes of El Primo and Gene getting nerfed hard. Read below to check out my top 10 Brawlers in Brawl Stars (Sep 21).

10. Ashe: I’ll place Ashe on this list just because all of the pros insist that he’s broken everywhere. I personally think that Ashe is in the middle of the road for this list because his rage is too difficult to maintain. When paired with a healer, Ashe truly is one of the most dominant brawlers in the game. But when he isn’t, he is very underwhelming and struggles to keep up.

9. Leon: Leon has been insane for the past few months, mainly because of his gadget Lollipop Drop. The pressure and invisibility that he provides while that gadget is in play is extremely powerful and is in need of a nerf. Overall, Leon’s been getting better and better in every update with his insane damage and sneaky super.

8. Sandy: Sandy is Mr. Consistent in Brawl Stars. It’s been at least a year that he has been featured on these lists. Sandy got a small nerf to his gadget that makes the opponents sleep, but not one that completely takes him out of the top 10. Cycle Sandy supers and use the gadgets effectively, and you will destroy the enemies with him.

7. Byron: Byron is an interesting brawler in these rankings. He hasn’t had any balance changes for months but ended up sliding into the top 10 and being viable in every mode. Byron basically took Gene’s place in the meta and is amazing when paired with tanky brawlers. Byron has always had a great kit, and he just needed the right nerfs to the right brawlers to be good.

6. Mortis: Mortis has climbed from the bottom half of the brawlers all the way to the 6th spot. The change to the star power Coiled Snake was the change that made him overpowered, and he basically has two star powers at all times. Mortis will for sure get a nerf to Creepy Harvest next balance changes, but push him while he’s dominating!

5. Pam: Pam has and always will be one of the most underrated brawlers in Brawl Stars. She has a gadget and star power combination that is so so lethal and unexpected that enemies never see it coming. Pam’s damage can be inconsistent at times, but she still has enough to counter almost every brawler in the game.

4. Brock: Brock is another beneficiary of the latest balance changes and his damage buff. A few weeks ago, he needed an emergency nerf because of how broken he was, but he has still maintained his spot in the meta. Brock’s rocket fuel gadget is amazing and has always been one of the best in the game. Push Brock while he’s at the top.

3. Stu: Stu stays atop the rankings, even after Supercell made a few big changes. He still has crazy mobility and damage, which is why I think he continues to destroy competitions. He definitely isn’t as broken as he was a few months ago, but he still counters almost every brawler in the game and is the 3rd best brawler in the game.

2. Buzz: I’m glad Buzz is getting the recognition he deserves from the community because he has been underrated since his release. The mechanic of him being able to stun, kill, stun, kill, repeat makes him overpowered to the max, and players finally realize how good he is. Buzz is super fun to play and can change the course of the game with his stuns.

1. Belle: Belle continues to be the best brawler in the game, and it’s not very close. In almost every map and mode, Belle is the most dominant brawler. She has the perfect kit with great damage, long-range, and good health. She will most certainly get a nerf soon, and it is well-deserved after she has shredded through the meta for months.

Top 10 Brawlers in Brawl Stars (August 2021)

I will go ahead and rank these brawlers on how good they are in every single game made, and yes, including Showdown. This meta has been full of tanks and broken gadgets, which has been something new for us Brawl Stars players. Continue reading to see my opinion on the top 10 brawlers in Brawl Stars (August).

10. Griff: I’ll go ahead and get Griff into the top 10, as he is the most recent brawler to hit Brawl Stars. It’s tough to place him in this type of ranking because he is so new, but I think that he is good enough to be in the top 10. Griff’s damage output is incredibly strong, and he melts anything close to mid-range. Also, his super is one of the most deadly supers in the game.

9. Crow: Crow remains a great brawler in this game, mainly due to his gadget Slowing Toxin. The five-second slow is so strong, and he just chips opposing brawlers down when he uses it. Crow also has two great star powers that are interchangeable. I enjoy Crow a lot, even though his mechanics are annoying. I’m not complaining about Crow being a top 10 brawler.

8. Tara: Tara has been a great pick for the past few months, also due to her gadget that spawns three mini Tara’s with 1,000 health that each do damage. Everyone knows that she has one of the most devastating supers in the game, and she can chain them so easily. Tara has great damage output and doesn’t have many counters, which makes her so strong.

7. Rico: Rico is such a beast right now. His new gadget that was released is so broken, basically allowing him to go right back to full HP bouncing his shots. The maps that are in the rotation for Brawl Stars also agree with Rico’s playstyle because he is able to bounce his bullets everywhere against the walls. Rico also wrecks tanks, which bodes well for him in this meta.

6. Emz: Emz is a fellow tank destroyer herself. She has some of the most underrated damage output in the game, meaning she can kill brawlers in a matter of seconds when she is in the right range. Her gadget gives her great defense, and star powers allow for versatility. Emz has it all in this meta, which is why she slots in at #6 on this list.

5. Sandy: Starting off the destroyers of this meta, we have Sandy, who is Mr. Consistent. Sandy also seems to fit into these top 10 lists because he has very few counters. In addition, his newest gadget is an absolute game-changer. It is basically a stun for 1.5 seconds that gives him time to get ahead of his opponents in any game mode. Sandy is insane right now.

4. Gene: Gene is another brawler who always cracks the top 10. His game-altering super is still super strong, especially when paired with tanks and high-damage brawlers. Gene’s star power that gives off 400 health when teammates are in proximity of him is also a great aspect of him. He just has a great kit that can destroy any opposing brawler in the game.

3. El Primo: El Primo has been an absolute maniac ever since the last balance changes. He has the best super out of the four tanks that got buffed, which is why he is the best out of them. The ability to chain supers with El Primo is so, so broken and makes him indestructible in close-range combat. El Primo is a monster in this meta.

2. Belle: Belle ranks in at #2 in all of Brawl Stars, which is where she has floated around ever since her release. Belle seems to have no weaknesses. The great range, damage output, solid gadget, useful star power, and decent HP make Belle a destroyer in every mode and team composition. Use Belle before she gets nerfed!

1. Stu: The best brawler in the game is nobody other than the stunt man himself, Stu. Stu has been a crazy insane brawler for some time now, and he even got a second broken gadget a few weeks ago. Stu’s star power that gives him 500 health every time he uses his super is such an amazing ability, as well as his free super that breaks through walls. Stu is a broken brawler.

Top 10 Brawlers in Brawl Stars (May)

10. Tick: Tick is by far the most annoying brawler in the game. Since his mechanic was changed to where his mines spread out even further every shot, his control of every map is devastating to enemy teams. Tick has a great gadget in Last Hurrah that can keep him alive at any time. The tick head is running wild in this meta

9. Gene: Gene has been tearing up teams ever since he got a damage buff last update. Gene has been able to be a versatile pick in any comp your team chooses. He is able to counter any brawler with his pulling ability and is just a solid pick in Brawl Stars.

8. 8-Bit: 8-Bit, like Sandy, has been very consistent in the meta for a long time now. His Plugged-in Star Power allows him to be the best brawler in Brawl Stars with the extra speed it provides. 8-bits damage is the best thing about him, so he is crazy good in every game mode right now.

7. Crow: Crow is finally insane! Crow leaped his way into 7th on this list after many, many buffs. Right now, his best feature has been the slowing toxin gadget that can slow his enemies down for 5 full seconds. He has been so good in Showdown and is now a beast in 3 vs. 3. Crow is so difficult to face and is a great brawler in this meta.

6. Sandy: Sandy has been in the meta for the past few months and has been an extremely consistent brawler. His super is so game-changing, and a good Sandy will cycle it over and over so that your teammates are invisible almost the whole game. Sandy is a great brawler.

5. Max: Max is currently the best brawler in brawl ball right now because of his super. Her super gives teammates the speed boost to zip past brawlers and create so many great plays. Max’s damage is also great, and she is such a versatile brawler that can destroy anyone.

4. Poco: Poco right now is one of the most annoying brawlers in the game. It’s next to impossible to take him down because he gets his super after hitting 4 shots in the most recent balance changes. Poco is such a good healing brawler and can be used in any combination of brawlers.

3. Stu: Stu is still a top 3 brawler even after his nerf. His mechanics that knock-back brawlers with his super is so strong. He is able to deal with any types of brawlers in this meta and is viable in any game mode, which makes him top 3 on this list.

2. Barley: Barley has been throwing bottles everywhere ever since his most recent buff. He has almost become a mini sniper as a thrower because of his 9% increase in range. Barley’s damage is also incredible against the aggressive brawlers because of the Extra Noxious Star Power.

1. Belle: Belle is by far the best brawler in the game right now. She can snipe anyone from across the entire map, making it extremely difficult to dodge her shots. Also, her mechanic that bounces shots between targets is an amazing feature for her.

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