Connor Bedard is the LeBron James of Hockey

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A prospect profile on the one of the best prospects in the history of the NHL, Connor Bedard, and a look at the hype around him that is similar to LeBron James.

Connor Bedard will for sure be the number one pick in this coming NHL draft, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. There may not have ever been this level of hype for a NHL prospect and it is similar to when Lebron James was entering the NBA

Talent Level

The pure footage of Connor Bedard is scary. He is one of the fastest prospects since Connor McDavid, has buttery soft hands like Patrick Kane, and wrist shot like no one else for his age. The speed of his release would make NHL goalies adjust to him rather than the other way around.

Another thing that makes his shot so special is his ability to get his shot off from any angle. One of his goals in last year’s world juniors tournament he released the puck from one foot above the goal line below the face off circle.

He also was easily the most dominant player during the tournament and in the history of the world juniors Bedard had the fourth most points in a single tournament. Not to mention that he had 31 points in 14 career world junior games.


Bedard’s stats don’t even seem like real life, but rather a video game. At 16-years-old he had 100 points in 62 games in the WHL. With 51 goals and 49 assists in only 62 is absolutely insane at any age let alone at 16.

This year he currently has 59 goals and 64 assists in 48 games which doesn’t even seem real. The 17-year-old is dominating one of the highest levels of amateur hockey and is doing so effortlessly.


Connor Bedard has been labeled as the first pick for 2023 since he was 15-years-old, similar to the level of expectation that LeBron James had back in 2003. He has been able to live up to the hype and then some so far in his career.

Being compared to the only man in sports that has had the same level of hype and exceeded them, so for Bedard to do the same so far in his career is a hell of a start. With more that still needs to be accomplished Bedard will also have to have the same level of discipline that James has had.

Health will be another key factor as guys like Sidney Crosby had to deal with injuries during his prime that affected his career numbers. Overall, Bedard has lived up to everything so far and then some and will hope to do the same in the future.

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