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3 Reasons College Football is the Best US Sport

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What do you think which is the best US sport? We think it is college football and here is why!

The National Football League is easily the most popular sport in the United States, and it is also the league that dominates the US sports betting industry. Those two pieces of information are facts that have data to back them up, but this is an opinion piece.

For my money, college football is the best sport in the United States, and it isn’t really even that close. The 2021 college football season kicked off last weekend, but the real fun will begin this week and there are a number of great matchups on the schedule.

Sure the NFL games are played with more talented players, and that league provides plenty of entertainment on Sundays and Monday night. College football provides excellent entertainment all weekend long and gets the football weekend started off right. 

The 2020 college football season was a mess due to COVID-19, but it still produced some incredible drama in the College Football Playoff. Things are back to normal for 2021, and sports fans will once again be reminded why this is the best sport in the United States. 

You might not be convinced yet, but keep reading and I think you’ll tend to agree with me. 

Weekends Are Loaded With Action in College Football

The NFL produces 16 terrific NFL games on most weekends, and the action takes place all day long on Sunday. The college football schedule is absolutely loaded, and you can find close to 50 games on any given Saturday. 

Starting a Saturday off by watching College Gameday is one of the best traditions in the fall, and then the games go all the way into the night. At any one time, there could be around five Top 25 matchups taking place, and there isn’t a second that is wasted on a college football Saturday

Every Game Matters

Every single game matters when it comes to college football, and you won’t have to worry about teams resting any key players to get them ready for the playoffs. One loss puts a college football team on the brink of elimination when it comes to reaching the College Football Playoff.

There are also some intense rivalries within conferences at the college level, and the top teams in each league can’t afford to play bad on any given Saturday. There are always some non-conference games that turn into blowouts in the first few weeks, but those go away near the end of September. 

Can’t Beat College Atmospheres

Going to an NFL game is great, but many sports fans prefer to watch the games at home or at a bar with buddies. The same can be done with college football, but there is something special about actually being at a college football game.

For one, college football stadiums are massive, and the game is just a small part of the day. Tailgating is a huge part of the college football experience, and having games on a Saturday gives fans a day to recover before heading to work. 

The other great thing about college football is the student sections. There are some NFL teams that have terrific fanbases, but they don’t even compare to a raucous student section at one of the best college football programs in the country. 

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