College Football Coaches on the Hot Seat

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This week we take a look at college football coaches that are potentially riding the hot seat and are on the cusp of being replaced. Read this article to see the many reasons I believe this to be true.

Seats getting warmer as the season rolls on

Being patient is one of the hardest things you can do in normal life and it’s never an easy thing. This especially holds true in the world of sports. The first month of college football is all but behind us and it was full of plenty of drama.

Head coach firings don’t usually take place in the first month but we have already seen three take place starting with a team that was a preseason top 25 team in the USC Trojans who let go of Clay Helton. UCONN and Georgia Southern also let go of their coaches in the first month.

Coaches on the Hot Seat

  1. Mike Norvell: Florida State – This once storied football program has steadling dipped over the last few years. The Seminoles are looking for more stability and which is leading many to believe that firing Norvell this early would be a bad decision. Florida State is 0-4 this season and things aren’t looking up. This team endured its first ever loss to an FCS opponent and set Norvell to 3-10. Norvell will be pushing it to see the rest of this season if things don’t turn around soon.
  2. Jim Harbaugh: Michigan – A name that continually finds itself in the headline on being in the hot seat it almost feels like every season. Harbaugh has not done all that bad off a job since taking over for the Wolverines but he has yet to deliver a national championship. This season he is 4-0 and his team looks very good so far in the early going. Many have seen this story before but the next few months will be extremely critical for this team. They have key games against Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan State. Harbaugh might be safe for the long haul but in collegiate sports you never know.
  3. Ed Orgeron: LSU – Ed Orgeron has done a solid job at LSU since taking over the program. After dropping the season opener to UCLA, his Tiger teams have shown steady improvement with three straight wins. The Tigers have four games remaining in the SEC against undefeated teams so the hot seat is still in play if they can’t land some solid wins.
  4. Justin Fuente: Virginia Tech: The Hokies season got off to a really good start with a huge upset win over the North Carolina Tar Heels. While this win looks less impressive than it did when it happened the Hokies still find themselves at 3-1 on the season. The ACC as a whole is down this year and while Clemson has time to get things turned around this league is a toss up. The Hokies were once a promising football program and they will be looking to get back. Fuente might have a cooler seat than most but he will need to get some important wins with ACC play underway.
  5. Scott Frost: Nebraska – The Cornhuskers are currently 2-3 on the season and 14-23 during Frost’s tenure. His team has played better as of late but the loss to Illinois in the season opener and the inability to close out a win over Michigan State didn’t help his cause. Nebraska is now 0-3 on the road this season and fell to a mere 4-15 in his time away from Nebraska. Frost has a lot of convincing to do and showing that this program is headed in the right direction if he hopes to keep his job.
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