The Five Blue Blood College Basketball Programs of the Past Decade

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There are many college basketball programs that have built strong resumes over the years. Read this article to find out which programs are deserving of the “Blue Blood” title.

There are many college basketball programs that have found success over the years. However, the last few decades have ushered in a new era of college basketball, and many different programs would like to be entered into the “Blue Blood” conversation.
This article will lay out who I think have been the best college basketball programs of the past ten years.

Kansas Jayhawks

Under the guidance of Bill Self for the past ten seasons, the Kansas Jayhawks have gained numerous accolades and accomplishments. The Jayhawks have enjoyed a 287-71 record with an 80.2% win percentage and five 30-win seasons.

In addition, Kansas qualified for the NCAA tournament nine out of nine times during this span, with a 20-8 tournament record (.714%). They also won eight Big 12 conference championships and a national championship.

North Carolina Tar Heels

The Tar Heels are another historic college basketball program that has enjoyed a terrific run over the past ten seasons. North Carolina compiled a 257-105 (.710%) under the guidance of both Roy Williams and Hubert Davis, as Davis took over as head coach following the 2021-2022 season.

The Tar Heels were unsuccessful during the regular season, as they had two 30-win seasons and three Atlantic Coast Conference championships. However, they found extreme success in the NCAA tournament.

North Carolina qualified for nine out of nine tournament appearances and finished with a 23-8 (.742%) tournament record. In addition, they all made three national championship appearances and came away with a single national title.

Kentucky Wildcats

Although the Wildcats have had a few tough seasons, their overall decade was quite impressive. Head coach John Calipari led the Wildcats to a combined 263-86 (.754%) record and achieved three thirty-win seasons and four Southeastern Conference championships over the past ten years.

As mentioned, the Wildcats struggled, as they only qualified for seven or nine possible NCAA tournaments. However, they made the most out of their appearances with an 18-7 (.720%) tournament record with a national championship and two final four appearances.

Gonzaga Bulldogs

The Gonzaga Bulldogs have been in the championship conversation practically every year over the past ten seasons. Head coach Mark Few has led his team to an extremely impressive 316-39 record with an 89% winning percentage over the past ten seasons.

In addition, Few has also led his team to ten consecutive West Coast Conference championships over this span. Gonzaga has, by far, the best regular season resume out of all college basketball programs, but their relatively weak conference tends to devalue their accomplishments.

Despite this, Gonzaga performs well in the NCAA tournament and has made an appearance nine out of the nine times in the past ten seasons. Few has led his team to a 26-9 (.742%) tournament record and two national championship appearances.

Duke Blue Devils

In what ended up being his last ten seasons as Duke’s head coach, Mike Krzyzewski led his squad to a 275-77 record with a 78.1% winning percentage. In addition, his team recorded four 30-win seasons and won a single Atlantic Coast Conference championship over the past ten seasons.

Although his team had lackluster regular season stats, Krzyzewski was able to lead his team to success in the NCAA tournament, as Duke has qualified for eight of the nine NCAA tournaments over the past ten years. The Blue Devils accrued a 23-7 (.767%) tournament record, which led to a national championship and two final four appearances.

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